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 Touchy Stuff

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Touchy Stuff   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:25 pm

Well. As you have probably leaned, (and it is likely why you are here) this site is a little... different. Much of that is because it is a high school where anything goes. And, as you have probably already guessed, you are indeed allowed to rp your character having sex with another character.

Now, with this uniqueness, there are unique rules. First off let's get to the most important rules:

Now, though we do allow rp sex on this site, none of us want to come here and read vulgar things. Therefore, we have some guidelines.

    ~ Do not Post specific details on what is happening below the belt. All you need to post is that is abotu to happen, and afterwards that it did happen.
    ~ Do not go into detail about Oral sex either.
    ~ If you don't think you violate these rules, you will be watched, and restricted to posting only before and after posts.

Now, this part deals with how to engage the thing, and with who you can or cannot go into such events with. Now, on this site, we do not allow rape, however, Sexual assault is okay.

    ~Sexual acts, where clothes stay on may be engaged without consent, like touching, kissing etc.
    ~After you have started a sexual act, it is up to the next person continues it or not. This is because if a gay character were to begin acts with a straight character, the straight character has a chance to say no, and escape.
    ~ No removing someone's clothes, unless you have agreed that the acts shall happen, like if your characters are in a relationship, and both consent.
    ~ Teachers and students may come on to one another.
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Touchy Stuff
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