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 Heels, Lip gloss, and making friends

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Jezebel Lacey


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PostSubject: Heels, Lip gloss, and making friends   Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:12 pm

It was such a relief for it to be Saturday. She had her light brown hair was curled softly. Jezebel wore her new strawberry scented lip gloss too. Her outfit:

She carried 4 bags, strggling heavily to stop from falling. She usually went shopping alone because she was a freshman and had no friends. She finally found a bench and set her bags next to her. She flopped down. Jezebel was pulling out her phone when someone sat down beside her. She looked over and saw a guy with brown hair and pale skin. "Hi, I'm Jezebel." she smiled at him and reached her hand out.

((Sorry for the short post.))
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PostSubject: Re: Heels, Lip gloss, and making friends   Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:44 pm

The weather had been cold lately, so 'Matt' wasn't able to wear his preferred sleeveless shirts and black vests and torn skinny jeans lately. No, today he had to don a furry (fake, of course--while he could easily afford real fur, he'd disgust himself by wearing it), hooded jacket made out of light blue denim. Of course, he wore a white shirt underneath, and while his pants were still dark jeans, they weren't as thin as he'd normally wear them, nor as skinny.

'Matt' was at the mall simply because he felt like it. Really, before he'd use to buy a ton of crap and give them to strangers. He found out that it was much easier (and less suspicious) to just donate at charity centers, so that's what he'd been doing. Of course, he had received several calls from the people who managed his late father's business warning him about giving away such exorbitant amounts of money, but he didn't really care. Other people needed it more.

Walking was tiring, but no benches were open. None. He decided to sit at one that only had one person on it, and sat at the other end. He wasn't fond of talking to strangers, and he barely gave the woman/girl a glance before staring ahead.

That wasn't in her intentions, though. He blinked at her sudden introduction, then look at her. .... Perhaps..

A WHA student?

"I'm 'Matt'," he replied, shaking her hand. Truth, he was a bit shaken at her bold manner, but he wasn't just going to stay silent. That'd be awfully rude of him, now wouldn't it?
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Heels, Lip gloss, and making friends
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