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 Lucas James Songe // Student

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PostSubject: Lucas James Songe // Student   Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:08 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Lucas James Songe
Age/Grade: 17/Senior
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 177 lbs
Appearance: Short, dark brown hair which extends to the middle of the neck and naturally covers the left eye. Sea blue eyes. His skin complexion is very fair and natural. Not tan or pale in anyway. Just fair. He's not an over large boy when it comes to muscle or body build but he is fit. He's an average when it comes to the need for muscle. For his average outfit he wears a different type of uniform. But it's a white uniform with black trim and black pants. And comfotable black shoes. He is not one for wearing normal clothes. Even when hes not sporting the Whisper Hallow school uniform hes wearing some kind of good looking clothes that resemble uniforms but are not actually. His main one being the white one.


Sexuality: Bi-Curious. Lucas has always been one to charm the girls with a sort of kind and gentle approach. Although there are time where he will let his inner man out and wow the girls off their feet. He has had his share of "experience" in his life so far even though he may not look it. He knows how to take a girl. He's often had thoughts that he might be bi. Looking at guys, appreciating them more so then he used to. Going through a trial he is considering himself bi-curious at the moment till he fully realizes that he's truely bi. Beside highschool is after all about experimentation and finding out who you really are... Somewhat anyway. Either way, no matter the gender at this point, he will not be shy about letting someone know that he is in the mood or wants to get into your pants. But he will always make an effort to get to know the person first.
Preferences: Lucas has been known to have a liking for the girls with either innocence to them or a shyness. It gives him a kick to see such delicate girls. Not so much into looks. If you have a killer personality that he can like then he'll dig you. Most of the time it's the individual that turns him on and not their appearance. Lucas isn't that shallow. Also he has a huge fetish for maid cosplay but he won't tell anyone. Not yet.
- Jasmine Tea
- Drawing/Writing
- Family/Friends
- Illogical Thinking
- Unorganization
- Unecessary Violence

Back Story:

History: Lucas was born in London, England on April 28th. His mother, Maria Songe, was an author at the time who was trying to get her latest novel published. His father, Jacob Songe, was an artist who was trying to get his comic published. When Lucas was a few weeks old, Jacob got a break from an old colleague in Japan who agreed to publish his comic. Jacob eagerly agreed. He and his wife spent a year learning Japanese before moving to their new home.

Soon after they moved, Maria got a break as well. Once translated, her book was a huge hit in Japan and got published. It went all the way up to the #1 best seller of the year. With both of his parents wildly successful at the age of 3, Lucs was living the good life. His family had a mansion on the upper side of the city, complete with maids and a cook. The life they had always dreamed of. Because their jobs allowed them to stay home while they worked, Lucas was always around them during the course of his childhood. Everything was going fine. Until he hit kindergarten.

Lucas pitched a gigantic fit upon being separated from his parents. He wasn’t used to it, and he didn’t want to get used to it. He kicked, screamed and cried until his parents brought him home. All on the first day. So his Mother came up with a solution. Every day, Lucas' parents would come to pick him up. But every day, they would come a little later. Until Lucas was going through the full day happily. Despite this, he still had slight abandonment issues and hated being alone.

Once he moved onto middle school, Lucas had become a writer and an artist as well. He was happy and completely unaware of the evils of the world. Well known among the school grounds as the famous American manga creator and incredible writer’s son. It wasn’t until 6th grade that he encountered the first person to bully him. At first, he was deeply confused as to why the guy (who was an 8th grader) kept taking his money and things. He didn’t like it though. One day, Lucas had enough. The guy had gone too far, pushing Lucas into the mud and holding him down until he nearly passed out. Lucas managed to punch his way free and tackle the guy, but it didn’t do much. He only got himself beat up because of his small stature and thin body mass. Later when he got home, his parents explained to him that not everyone was as nice as he mostly was.

Then onto high school. It’s Lucas fourth and final year at Whisper Hallow Academy. His parents are still successful, (Mom putting out her 5th bestseller and Dad moving onto the sequel of his latest manga series) so he's still living large in a mansion. Because of his parent’s careers, he's a major manga cosplayer, art junkie, and a book nerd. His current dreams for the future are to become either an artist or a writer. (Mom and Dad are still arguing about which path he'll take.) Lucas is donning his uniform and moving onto the Whisper Hallow scene, though there’s no telling what might happen…
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas James Songe // Student   Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:14 pm

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Lucas James Songe // Student
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