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 Worries [Open to all]

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PostSubject: Worries [Open to all]   Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:15 am

'Matt' fretted to himself.

This statement enough was quite a bit to say, for he never fretted. No, not really. Only on those extreme occasions where one would feel only the utmost uncertainty and seem disconnected from the rest of the world would throw off 'Matt', and this is just what was going through his mind, powerful enough settle weariness on his bones and forcing him to sit down on a concrete bench. He wasn't even sure when he had left his dorm to take a mad stroll through the grounds--he just knew that he was worried. And so, he fretted.

The junior gnawed at his thumb, his teeth gripping onto a sliver of white flesh and peeling it off. It seemed as if his skin had been transparent lately, only getting paler and paler as the days wore on. Perhaps it was due to the winter weather--he was sure he'd get tanner during the warmer months, if he dared take off his beloved jackets--but, perhaps it was something else? The weather couldn't explain why he was so worn out all the time, why he couldn't as much as lift a pot of soup without trembling.

Either he was pathetically weak or something was up. Matthew Karatsu Ketseuki Blood ran a hand up his face, his fingers parting through his hair and messing it up, relishing the way the warmth of his hand relaxed the muscles on his face. For a second he didn't care that his eye showed--this problem surely was more important! This passing thought is what snapped him back to reality, and the junior quickly patted his hair back down, alarmed. Did anyone see him? Aah, he hoped not. Perhaps his worry was obvious, but he hoped that he just looked like
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Worries [Open to all]
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