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PostSubject: Uranium?(OPEN)   Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:22 am

Artik walked off of school grounds, looking for the nearest back alley that might be promising. He noticed a rather sinister looking man in a hoodie. Artik quickly walked past the junkie, following the corridor. Finally, his make-shift geiger counter started chirping.He saw a Russian man in a haz-mat suit. Artik noticed he had on a table in front of him, a bunch of lead canisters. "Ahh.. just what I need..." Artik couldn't tell it because of his suit, but he knew that the man arched his eyebrows. "You realize that this... Yellow Cake... is very expensive?" Artik of course,knew this "Duh. I believe.... a payment... can be arranged..." He took out his blue prints for the most acurrate counter-feit press ever created. The man looked it over " Yes.... this will work out very well...." and he handed Artik all of his Uranium, just before a junkie ran up and attacked Artik.
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