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 Gideon Liesel

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Gideon Liesel


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PostSubject: Gideon Liesel   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:25 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Gideon S. Liesel
Age/Grade: 17 Junior
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 pounds
Appearance: Gideon’s surprisingly fast metabolism has served as both a curse and benefit. On the one hand he has had no problem keeping a slim figure, on the other hand it is incredibly hard to build and maintain muscle. As a result he is very trim, and the muscle that he has managed to build is very visible. He usually wears jeans and a black t-shirt under his red and white motorcycle jacket. A long scar wraps around his right forearm after a climbing accident caused a length of rope that had (as you can guess) been wrapped around his arm was pulled, creating deep rope burns. As the accident only happened a few years ago, the scar is still highly visible.


Sexuality: Straight, and while he has made out with more then a few girls in his days he has never actually sealed the deal. A fact he rarely brings up. He has been considered sadistic at times, though not because he hurts anyone, so much as the fact that while he can turn on his partner to the point of begging, he never actually goes any farther then foreplay.

Fetishes: Miniskirts, and innocence. The more innocent a girl acts the better. That said, he is also incredibly aggressive and loves it when a girl tries to take charge. Emphasis on "tries".

Likes: Gideon has made the conscious choice to be the lazy bastard that he is. He prefers to sleep, or lounge around all day. While he enjoys playing video games he has never been very talented with them and as a rule will only play in private. Mindless violence and destruction.
Dislikes: Trying. Well specifically failing, but if you never try, you can never fail, so Gideon dislikes trying in general. People identifying that his apathetic attitude at life is really just a defensive mechanism to shelter himself from becoming a failure, thereby proving his fathers opinion accurate.
Clique: Gideon doesn’t have a clique, specifically because he hates the idea of being a ‘part’ of anything. He is what he is, and what he is, is better then you…and your stupid clique.
Crushes: Not yet, but that can change.

Back story:
History: Gideon grew up a fairly broken home. His father had made a profession out of the military before being discharged for mental instability. For the most part Gideons father was a strict, but ultimately good man, but when he drank problems developed. As soon as alcohol came into play nothing Gideon did was good enough, and his father had no problem letting his son know how much of a failure Gideon had become. As you can imagine Gideon spent little time at home, preferring to wonder around town aimlessly or read books on virtually every subject under the sun at the local library. The time spent reading combined with his natural intelligence gave him a leg up on the competition in school. Unfortunately he never really had to try or study to maintain a B average, so he adopted a devil may care attitude toward his academic career, and virtually every other aspect of life for that matter. Between the occasional beating his father dished out, and his own dumb luck that allowed him to escape his delinquent and juvenile actions (like setting dumpsters on fire and breaking into abandoned military bases) he became convinced of his own immortality. One night his father got more violent then usual and set up teaching Gideon how to be a man. Like usual, making Gideon a “man” involved beating the crap out of him. Unfortunately Gideon had apparently learned a thing or two from his ex-military father and put the older man in the hospital. Instead of going to juvi Gideon was offered a chance to just go away for awhile, and attend a certain boarding school where anything goes.
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Jace Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Gideon Liesel   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:34 pm

BUT.. we've got a thing here for your avatars so just go here and follow the instructions.
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Gideon Liesel
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