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 *~Minami Kudo High School~*

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PostSubject: *~Minami Kudo High School~*   Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:03 pm

Imagine being in a high school where you can do whatever you want...

...Skip class with a few friends...

...Start random food fights...

...Pull the fire alarm just to dodge a huge test you were going to bomb...

...Tease the retarded substitute and joke around with them to piss them off...

...Have a relationship with a hot teacher...

...Get high in the school parking lot and walk into the school trippin' like someone on acid...

Imagine being in a high school with a live and young staff, to where no one really cared whether you followed the rules or not. To all of you goody-goods out there, welcome to Hell. Also know as...

Minami Kūdō High School

Basically, it is a high school role-playing forum that surrounds romance, tragedies, comedies, and drama. Not to forget fun. This site is very laid back, with easy forum rules to follow. If the simple forum rules are broken, the admin Anemone Mamoru will be more than blissful to beat your ass, and she isn't the best person to piss off. So just be snart abd follow them... We only currently have two admins at the moment, Anemone Mamoru and Desiree, possibly expanding it to three. Moderator titles will be given out to those who deserve it. You beg for it, you're off the list. Currently have three members, due to the forum just now opening.

Come on in and take a step inside the building... You'll be sure to have one hell of a time here at MKHS!

Remember... School rules are meant to be broken.
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*~Minami Kudo High School~*
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