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 Herl Relur

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PostSubject: Herl Relur   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:51 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Herl Relur
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 63kg
Appearance: He has really white skin and white natural hair that always try to keep in his ears level. Always wearing white clothes, his usual clothes is white ripped jeans and a long sleeves shirt, which is a pretty casual style. Something few people know is that he has white tribal tattoos all over his body, which he got after a long party night thanks to tequila.

Employment Qualities:
Regularity: First full time job.
Position(s): Math & Physics Teacher.
Professionalism: He tries to be professional, but he's way too young for that. He still feels more like an student than like a teacher, and will be the cool teacher who's the friend you can trust.


Sexuality: Bi, he's totally open about it.
Fetishes: A shining smile, beautiful eyes, and teasing... he loves teasing.
Likes: Chilling, sleeping, partying, reading, playing video-games.
Dislikes: Responsability, people who talk too much, people who think they're the best thing ever.

Back Story:
History: Borned into a rich family in the Hamptons, Herl was a pretty much spoiled kid until the age of thirteen, having everything he wanted at his hand when he wanted it and studying at one of the most prestigious schools in the area. Yet when he turned fourteen an event involving a fight in his school got him closed to expelled, even if he was not directly involved in it. Because of it, Herl's parent took him out of the school and instead contracted private tutors for him, which at the end made him graduate way earlier that most people he knew, at the age of seventeen and thanks to one of them, his physics tutor, he started to have a like for science and realized a bit how spoiled he was.

Deciding a life free from his parents, he moved to England to study college and live by himself in campus. College was the greatest experience ever, studying, partying, socializing. It was the best thing ever and it was when he realized what he wanted for life. He later graduated as Physicist and returned home to announce formally to his parents that he wanted to be a teacher, moved out and promessed himself not to use his parent's money ever again... well... again after taking some small amount to start his own life, of course... and receiving some expensive gifts from then that he appreaciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Herl Relur   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:03 pm

Yay, another teacher!

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Herl Relur
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