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 Emily Marie Roxx

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Emily Roxx

Emily Roxx

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PostSubject: Emily Marie Roxx   Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:01 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Emily Marie Roxx
Age/Grade: 16 (and a half), 11th grade
Gender: female
Height: 5 ft 3' (inches)
Weight: 96 pounds (she is skinny)
Appearance: HOT, blone hair but looks more like light brown


Sexuality: straight How open about their sexuality are they? (kind of) How experienced are they? (depends on what she is experienced in). Do they often act in a sexual manner? (not too much)
Preferences: (What are your character's fetishes? This means what does your character turn your character on in a sexual manner, for example miniskirts, muscular bodies (That), lingeries, feet D:, big breasts, broad shoulders, an action, curly hair, etc.) (muscular bodies)
Likes: singing, swimming, the large farm that her father owns, her horses (at the farm) (and the other animals), hanging out, etc.
Dislikes: people who are way too perverted, jerks, etc.

Back story:
History: Emily was born on november 23, 1996. Her family is a very rich family that owns a large farm. She grew up loving the animals on the farm, and taking care of them. As she grew up her parents began to think that she spent too much time with the animals, and not much time with school. They sent her to summer camps, boarding schools, and other expensive school things. After two years of private school they sent her to a better school (this school)
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Emily Marie Roxx
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