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 Cameron Centon

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Cameron Centon

Cameron Centon

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PostSubject: Cameron Centon   Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:58 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Cameron Centon
Age/Grade: 15 Freshman
Gender: Male
Height: 5.7
Weight:[ 100
[b]Appearance:[/b brown hair,green eyes


Ryan Centon older brother 11th grade
Eirk Centon Doctor /41/
Roselyn Centon Lawyer /41/
Cody Centon Fourth Grade 10
Sexuality: (Gay, straight, bi? Asexual? How open about their sexuality are they? How experienced are they? Do they often act in a sexual manner?)stariaht
Preferences: (What are your character's fetishes? This means what does your character turn your character on in a sexual manner, for example miniskirts, muscular bodies, lingeries, feet D:, big breasts, broad muslar shoulders, an action, curly hair, etc.)
Likes: basketball,football,baseball,wreastleing,reading
Dislikes jerks,bullys,goth,emo,know it all

[b]Back story:
As a kid at home he was always rich his dad was a doctor and mom was a lawyer and his big buly brother Ryan where all rich.s\
History: Well it goes like this.In 1997 Cameron was born he was always ejoying life and football.Till he came to High School the curse his older sister Bella was the badest girl ever she was always makign out with her boyfriend named Trent who the made her do all this bad stuff.Cameron was nevr happy so now he lives his days learning and writeing his reports then he does good.
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Cameron Centon
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