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 McKenna Blair Kingsley.

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PostSubject: McKenna Blair Kingsley.   Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:49 pm

Vital Statistics:
Name: McKenna Blair Kingsley
Age/Grade: seventeen. eleventh grade.
Gender: female.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 97lbs

Sexuality: she is straight. She's not judgemental though, she believes everyone should be with who they want reguarless of gender.
Preferences: Bad boys, Rockstars, Skaters, Surfers, Muscular guys, Smart guys, Honest guys, Fun guys.
Likes: the beach, surfing, boys, rollerblading, acting silly with her homies, playing hockey & video games, chillin' with friends, texting, her iPhone 5.
Dislikes: homework, studying, cheerleaders, bullies, rudeness, pep rallies, football, jocks, snobs, being told what to do.

Back story:
History: McKenna's parents are both Zoologists and are rarely ever around to show McKenna how to behave and what is right & wrong. So McKenna is how you say like fire, she has energy to scorch every thing in the world and a tongue that could leave scars on a person's body. With a fiesty habit of leaping head first into trouble. Yet she just needs someone to match her fire, not contain it.
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McKenna Blair Kingsley.
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