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 Kaira Ann McFaye

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PostSubject: Kaira Ann McFaye   Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:35 pm

Vital Statistics:
Name: Kaira Ann McFaye
Age/Grade: 14/freshman
Gender: female
Height: 5"3'
Weight: 125 lbs

Relations: father: Mark McFaye, twin brother (gay): Calvin McFaye, aunt (evil): Elizabeth McFaye
Sexuality: Bisexual, very shy around people except gay boys because her twin brother is gay, she stutters really badly if she finds someone cute
Preferences: boys: musicians, abs, piercings, tattoos, smoking, or blonde baseball players. Girls: medium boobs, confidence, great smile. Both: rare and/or beautiful eye colors
Likes: books, the ocean, painting,
Dislikes: loud people, being stared at, rude people, bluegrass, and any food or drink the color blue (allergic to blue dyes in food)

Back story:
History: Kaira McFaye has always been a tiny bit odd. Her twin brother is gay and also the only person she talks to on a regular basis. So her Aunt Elizabeth decided that Kaira needed to be separated from her brother so she could become her own person. Her aunt convinced their dad that going to this school would be good for both of them and even though both Kaira and her brother begged him not to make her go. She still was dropped off at her new home.
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Kaira Ann McFaye
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