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 Gideons Skills

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Gideon Liesel

Gideon Liesel

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PostSubject: Gideons Skills   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:58 am

Name: Writing

Ability: Gideon is capable of writing just about anything at a proffesional level. Whether that be poetry, short stories novels or essays his ability to use the english language is superb, at least when it is on paper. No one really knows that he writes as he often keeps it a secret, so it neither makes him more or less popular. It does give him a leg up in English Class though.

History: After spending nearly his entire childhood, and adolesence in a library, Gideon picked up a few tricks of the trade. When he actually began writing and submitting his work anonymously to small newspapers and online poetry sites he quickly realized that his talent exceeded most others. He is afraid that people will consider his writing poetry a weakness, and as such rarely lets people read his notebook.

Name: Biology Minded

Ability: Gideon has an above average grasp on human anatomy. Originally he read up on anatomy as a way to find new unexpected ways to hurt people who were picking on him, but as his knowledge grew so did his thirst of discover, and clarification. As a result he has an advantage in some portions of biology class. While not officially certified he can also perform CPR and patch up minor injuries.

History: He read up on human anatomy and began watching documentaries while at the library. His father gave him plenty of practice for patching up cuts and bruises and the occasional broken bone.

Name: One Tough Brawler

Ability: Gideon has been getting in fights since before he can remember, and while not officially a trained combatant he is well versed in how to handle, and inflict, large doses of pain. His fighting style is a mash up of of several martial arts, from boxing, to wrestling, in a few choke holds and throws from Judo. Mainly, he just uses whatever body part he can to hurt people. If he can't, then he will likely grab the nearest weapon he can find. Even if that weapon is nothing more then a shot glass.

History: A life of conflict and petty disputes.


Name: Great Balance

Ability: Gideon can walk across narrow outcroppings, land on his feet when he falls, and generally look very acrobatic. Of course, he isn't trained, so even an average acrobat could kick his but in points.

History: Gideon was rarely at home, prefering instead to goof around in town. As a result he had to climb across, run over, jump passed, and slid under countless objects under many different circumstances.
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Jace Cullen

Jace Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Gideons Skills   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:40 pm

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Gideons Skills
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