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 Team Rules

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Team Rules   Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:05 pm


1. Team membes must be dedicated. That means no being lazy with your posts. Being lazy with your posts is like how strong you are with your "sport" skill in the sense of your other teammates, if not in the actuality. Also, grammar and spelling errors are like how clumsy you are again in the sense of your teammates. Being lazy with posting when you're supposed to is not being dedicated by showing up on time or being too slow with your reaction, which can actually be applied IC sometimes. So when I come to grade your rank in the team, you will be given a number like who's the top player.

2. "Posting skill" also affects you're performance as an athlete. You can't just make a point with one post continuously for more than two posts. I can understand sometimes that a player may do it, like in Basketball it happens, Soccer it rarely happens... and for every other sport just use common sense. Your character can be pretty damn good, but not nonhuman good.

3. Since this high school doesn't have a name and I'm not going to step in and give it a name. You and your teammates will have to come up with a name for your team.

4. After your team has three members it is technically active. And you may give yourself a game or practice sessions or I may assign you one. You and your team must also evaluate new players and find out if they are quality material, be realistic, not just everyone who wants to join makes it...

5. Use NPCs if you're short some players, you should use them and be able to give a paragraph description of them and what they do, such as their actions, their movements, maybe their relation to you, maybe their motive, etc.

Open to suggestion... I thought it through, but I'm not quite sure about the success rate of this.

6. The thing I'm not sure about is to make this challenging, sometimes you won't end up on your team and controlling your character. You'll have to make up another character making a description of him or her, their position, etc. And you'll be using the other team's players as well, though you'll have a main... Try to make it as difficult as possible for your "original" team. I may consider your success with this team to rank your "real" player. I'll also choose who goes to the other team, I may even have everyone stay on their own team a couple times.

7. I'm pondering this also. The match may go as a movie, the whole game won't show, only certain parts, which are your posts, so judging for your "performance" in your posts, I will announce who wins.

Note: Any other admins or mods may be included besides me to do stuff like this.
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Team Rules
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