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 John Lydon

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PostSubject: John Lydon   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:56 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: John Lydon
Age/Grade: 17/Sophomore
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 160 lbs
Appearance: John, or Johnny to his friends, is a a tall, lean kid. He has sort of rough features, due to constant bruises and broken noses, and the occasional concussion. He is caucasian, with medium length dyed green hair ((thanks to a certain roommates joke)) and green eyes. He has plenty of scars on various parts of his body, the most notable is an eight inch long scar on his side he got in a knife fight. His left arm is mostly covered in a tribal sleeve tattoo, he got it done by a brother of a friend of his who owned a tattoo parlor about a year prior to leaving for his new school (much to the chagrin of his parents). While on campus he wears the uniform (mostly), if not in a disheveled and unruly fashion.


Sexuality: Straight, He's pretty well experienced for a guy his age, He can be rather crude at times (alot of the time actually)
Fetishes: John finds himself attracted to two kinds of girls. Girls who, like him, have a strong opposition to authority figures and rules. And, oddly enough, girls who are well mannered and very proper, this is mainly because girls like that are sort of unattainable to types like him.
Likes: Fighting, causing chaos, breaking rules, pissing off authority
Dislikes: Authority, 'tough guys', arrogance, rules
Clique: Delinquents(?)
Crushes: No

Back story:
History: Johnny was born in Los Angeles, California, just near Hollywood (not the nice parts mind you). He was born into a poor family and grew up in poverty. He had one older brother, but he was killed in a shooting when John was only 9. John grew up a rough life, getting involved with the wrong crowd. He quickly fell into the criminal lifestyle by the time he was 13. He was caught on several occasions tagging alleyways, and was even busted trying to lift several items from a local convenience store. Between the joyriding and late night partying his parents were worried that he would end up like his older brother.

Johnny got held back a year in school for failing to finish with the appropriate GPA, this didn't bother him though, he barely went to school anymore (he constantly ditched it to go off and have fun) and planned on dropping out anyways. He spent a good deal of his time devoted to his passion for music, specifically punk rock. He learned to play the guitar a few years back, although he was pretty awful at it. He also attended many local clubs to see the bands playing there. He lived in this haze until shortly after his sixteenth birthday.

For his sixteenth birthday his parents gave him their '67 Impala to try and convince him to stop his life of crime and get things together in school. Instead he went joyriding and nearly totaled the car, getting a hefty ticket in the process. This was the last straw, Johnny had broken one too many rules. His grandmother (who while being of decent wealth, refused to associate with his family since his mother married his father) put some money together and sent Johnny away to Boarding School. The news angered John plenty, but there was nothing he could do about it, one brutal haircut later, he was of to his new school, whether he liked it or not.

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The Death Wish


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PostSubject: Re: John Lydon   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:00 pm

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John Lydon
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