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 Zack Lancasters Corvette

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Zack Lancasters Corvette   Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:14 pm

Name: N/A

Type/Brand: Corvette

Unique Abilities: nothing unique




History: Zack bought the car during his second year of acting. He has kept it in top shape since he bought it. The car is his most treasured possession. He takes it to the car wash once every day and takes the utmost care of it is one of the things that holds many theatrical memories for him.
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Jace Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Zack Lancasters Corvette   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:30 pm

Approved babe, sorry I missed this hehe ^^;;
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Zack Lancasters Corvette
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