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 Male Dormitory Description

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Zack Lancaster
Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Male Dormitory Description   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:46 pm

All single dorms are in this basic layout:

The main door leads in. On your right, the bathroom, on your left, the kitchen, with a fridge, sink, dishwasher, and electric stove. As you continue in, you are in the living room. On right, the farthest down, is a door that leads to a bedroom with one queen-sized four-poster bed and a dresser with a mirror. There is a closet parallel to the door to the bedroom there is a small walk-in closet.

All doubles have this basic layout:

The main door leads in. On the right there is a bathroom. On the left, a kitchen, with a fridge, sink, electric oven, and dishwasher.. As you continue in, there is a living room, on your right, two small closets. There are two doors, both leading to two bedrooms, both with full-sized four poster beds and a dresser.

The halls and entrance will always have this layout:

Walking into the dorm through the front door, you are in the reception room. There are four chairs, two on your left and two on your right, with an endtable between each of them. On the wall to the right of the enterence there is a camera, watching the door. There is a door in the middle of the wall paralell to where the front door is, and beside it an intercom and a cardkey scanner. Students could scan their IDs and get in, and anyone else could call a student's room and attempt to gain entry.

As you press on, there is a gaming area, with a number of arcade games, a pool table, a few couches, a large television students often used for their own video game systems. There is also a large firepit in the center of the room, much like in alpine ski resorts. There are a number of couches and recliners encircling it. On the various end-tables there are a number of piles of magazines, with Gaminfomers and Guitar Worlds on top, but dirty magazines hidden below.

Past this room are the dorms. To your right, there are dorms one through twenty five, above them, fifty one through seventy five. To your right, rooms twenty six through fifty, above them, seventy six to one hundred. In the halls there are a number of bathrooms. The halls are quite dull, but regardless, students often play cards and such.
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Male Dormitory Description
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