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 IC Behaviour and Punishment

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: IC Behaviour and Punishment   Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:19 pm

Okay. Below is stated some stuff about how your character may or may not act IC, and things that may happen when you behave poorly. So, we shall go in order then.

Potty Mouth

Now. Since this is an Rp, where we can't control IC characters, on this site you are allowed up to 2 Swear words per IC post. Any more then this must simply be stated as cussing OR censored out appropriately (ex: F*ck, S**t, Da*n, ect.)

Quote :
"What the hell is wrong with this damn remote?" Zack yelled. He attempted one more time to press the button before continuing into a long train of cuss words.

Your character may also use racial and sexist slurs.. However, if the term used is overly offensive, please don’t actually type it out. For example, you may actually type the word Faggot, or the like in an Rp, but if your character wishes to use the N word for a black person, please star out the word.
Quote :
"Shut up you dirty little faggot" the boy yelled at the other student. He balled his fists and moved close to him. "Your just a dumb N* anyway aren't you?"

Punishment for Potty Mouths

Like most schools, students are prohibited from cussing. If your character happens to get caught in an
Rp using a naughty word by a teacher (naughty-ness decided by said teacher's discretion) You will be sent to the VP's office, for punishment.

~ In order to make the punishment valid, the teacher must either have been already present in the topic, or have a valid reason why they would be passing by (ex. hall duty)
~ Next, they must make an IC statement to the student about taking them to the office, and then Rp taking them away.
~ Create a new topic in the Vp's office with the Student's name, and something that gives away the offence (ex. John Smith: F-shot; Jane Doe: Wash Ur Mouth with Soap)
~ Finally pm the student, with the link. *NOTE* If u do not show up for your punishment then your character will receive worse punishment IC.... if you disobey rules enough IC you may be forced to not Rp for up to 3 days.

When the topic is made, there will be a short meeting between Zack and the student. The teacher only Rps dropping the student off, briefly outlining situation, and leaving, they do not remain present. The Rp will end with either a description of the punishment, or the punishment itself (if the punishment is something like cleaning up garbage it will take place elsewhere.)

Gross Misconduct

Are you a student at the school who is completely outraged by the performance of your teacher? Contact the Principal!

If you feel prejudiced against, offended by etc. (IC ONLY) by a school staff, there are a few easy steps you may fulfill to bring them to get an IC punishment.

Here are the steps:
~ Copy the link to the Rp where your character was offended
~ Send a brief pm to the principal, outlining the offence, and asking them to be seen.
~ Sit back and watch as the Staff member is called to a meeting.

*NOTE* Not all staff will receive bad punishment. Keep in mind that this is a very different school, and some of the staff may be good friends with the principal, and therefore get away with things.

Quote :
*Zack steps into Kenneths' office*
Kenneths: Zack, we had another complaint from one of your students
Zack: Really? I swear I wore pants to class EVERYDAY.... except last Tuesday... but in my defense I was extremely drunk, and I THOUGHT I was wearing pants... so it really doesn't count.
*Kenneth shakes his head in disappointment*
Kenneth: Zack your drunk right now aren’t you?
Zack: NO!.... K maybe a little........... yeah a lot!
Kenneth: Just don’t fondle anymore students this week, your dismissed
Zack: I'm not making any promises
*Zack leaves the room*

So don't always expect to get your teachers fired. And depending on Kenneth' mood and sobriety... they may even get a spanking.

Well, that's all the punishment for now. More may be added in the future.
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IC Behaviour and Punishment
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