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PostSubject: Ikaritama   Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:12 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Ikaritama

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Height: 6 ft. 4 in.

Weight: 135 lb.

Appearance: Ikaritama has long, crystal blue hair that reaches down just t the middle of her thighs, each lock falling in such a way that it gives her hair a beautiful waterfall look. Ikaritama also has deep sapphire eyes. Her skin is as pale as a soft spring snow. Her body is very proportionate and her flawless form is easily noticed when she is dancing as dancing is one of the few things Ikaritama does that she truly enjoys. It is said you can tell more about Ikaritama through her dancing and painting than you can anything else.


Employment Qualities:

Regularity: Full-time

Position(s): Art and Dance Teacher

Professionalism: Professional


Sexuality: Straight, Virgin, No

Preferences: Honesty, Self-Confidence, Individuality, Wisdom

Likes: Ikaritama is often dancing her heart in front of others or in a room by herself as it’s the only thing besides painting that give Ikaritama joy. She can dance to any kind of music but she often chooses soft beautiful ballet like pieces of music to dance with. She has a song for every mood she is in. For example she has metal or rock for when she is angry, and sad depressing instrumentals when she is upset or broken hearted. Along with her extreme passion for music and dancing she has gained a even strong will to share it with others. When Ikaritama isn’t dancing she is making her soul visible with the colors of the rainbow and beyond using a simple brush and a blank canvas. She has mastered the technique of drawing from painting to pointillism even to the basics of just pencil and notepad. When she is not drawing or dancing she is often with a group of students showing them the fun and freedom they have through dancing and art.

Dislikes: Typically, Ikaritama gets irritated with people who don't respect others when they deserve it. It bothers her to see people get put down or hurt, so normally she'll walk over and help the person as best she can, be it give them money or to simply listen. Ikaritama loathes speaking in front of large important groups, such as fellow teachers or higher. She cant stand it when she or someone else is taken advantage of.

Back Story:

History: Ikaritama was only five years old when she lost her parents to a drunk driver. Growing up in a orphanage she was taught to express herself through drawing. Ikaritama did just that her whole life. Her first picture was colored with hall the different ranges of blue, showing her saddened emotion clearly. As she grew in age her expressive art grew with her. She became more vivid and more detailed with each piece of work. When she reached the age of thirteen Ikaritama learned a new way to express herself. She was taught to dance. Dance in such a way that every emotion that filled her heart could be expressed perfectly through her movements. Growing up in the orphanage Ikaritama kept her art and dancing at her best never dropping her talents for a second. Soon she turned eighteen and the orphanage told her of a college that she should go to so that she could also teach kids the things she knew. Taking the opportunity Ikaritama went to college and got her teaching degree. When she got out of college she was a healthy twenty one years old. She quickly began looking for a school to teach at and soon found a good public school and taught there for three years before being transferred to the newer built boarding school. She is twenty four now and this is her first yea teaching at the boarding school.

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PostSubject: Re: Ikaritama   Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:11 am

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