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 Ikaritama's Skills

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PostSubject: Ikaritama's Skills   Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:07 am

Name: Artist

Ability: Ikaritama is able to draw anything under the sun and under the sea and even mystical creatures found in books. She can draw on anything from paper to canvases to walls to anyflat surface and she can use any tool from pencil to pen to crayon to map pencil to paintbrush. She is a master artist.

History: Ikaritama learned to draw masterfully while she spent her days in the orphanage. She was in a special class that delt with kids who had been through tramatic experiences. The teacher told Ikaritama to draw out how she felt rather than result to anger or sorrow. As Ikaritama grew up this skill grew with her and she soon became perfect at it.


Name: Dance

Ability: Ikaritama can dance to any music in the world but prefers to dance mostly to soft ballet like music. She can dance any style and has often created her own uniwue moves showing that no matter what she is doing she can always find a way to be an individual.

History: When she reached her teen years Ikaritamas teacher showed her of another way to express herself other than turning to anger and sorrow and that was dancing. Ikaritama picked up on dancing easily and during college even took lessons for it so that when she graduated she was a masterful dancer.


Name: Singer

Ability: Ikaritama can sing as a swan. Her voice is one that people would consider mythical and magical. She often sings songs that would go hand and hand with Ballet or classsical.

History: Ever since Ikaritama could remember she had been singing. She sang about the sun, about her mother and father, and sang about singing. When her parents died her voice ceased to make a beautiful note again. It wasnt until teachers and counselors at the orphanage taught her to let go of her sorrow and anger and turn to happiness and dance that Ikaritama started to sing again. Soon her voice grew into the beauty it is now. She often sings while shes dancing.


Name: Violinist

Ability: Ikaritama can play the violin masterfully and often plays whenever she is sad, angry, or even happy. She also plays for her class when they are drawing or when they need music to dance to.

History: A gift from the head of the orphanage Ikaritama recieved the violin as a christmas present her first year at the orphanage. She grew up playing it and her counselors taught her to play songs that would help reflect her emotions that way she never had to bottle them in. Ikaritama nowadays plays the violin whenever she wishes to and every time she does she often dances along to her own playing as nothing else brought her quite the same joy.


Name: Nursing

Ability: Ikaritama can fix a broken bone, stitch up a bad cut, doctor up just about any bump bruise or breaking.

History: When Ikaritama was in college to become a dancing and art instructor Ikaritama thought a head and took longer years to get her doctors degree so that she could be a certified nurse. She did this so that she could take excellant care of herself as well as any other person who needed it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ikaritama's Skills   Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:19 am

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Ikaritama's Skills
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