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 [:.Day 1 - 3rd Period.:]

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Clynar | 破壊する

Clynar | 破壊する

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[:.Day 1 - 3rd Period.:] Empty
PostSubject: [:.Day 1 - 3rd Period.:]   [:.Day 1 - 3rd Period.:] I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 8:02 pm

It was the first day of school. The wood shop was spotless from the cleaning he had to do over the summer. When he had go there July 1st to look over his old classroom, it was amazingly dirty. Wood shavings everywhere, tools out on the work benches, not even separated into piles. 'Man..... Did the last teacher not know organization?' Clynar complained in his mind. The glue was left open, dust collector was on, and wood laid out everywhere. It was all a pain. The janitors wouldn't even help him clean, mostly because no one was even in the building 'cept him and a few other teachers. July, 31st, and the entire wood shop was clean. It was a glorious room. There were Sanders, Big belt sanders, Laths, radial arm saws, Table saws and more. The shop was like a contractors dream, almost anything one would want was there. It was a good day for the woodsman of the high school.

Getting back to reality, Clynar was in his wood shop office, which could be accessed by the wood shop and the metal shop. Each door was securely locked with at least 3 different locks and hand sensors. The office is an important place for a teacher. All his/her papers, documents, projects, and other important things; However, his office contains special tools he uses, peoples projects that could fit with him in there, and extra screws, nails, and some nail guns. 'I wonder how many students ill have this period. Hopefully more than my drafting class 1st period.' He walked out into the class and sat on one of the work benches.

"Hopefully the students will be in soon."
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[:.Day 1 - 3rd Period.:]
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