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 Mark's Skills

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Mark Somers

Mark Somers

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PostSubject: Mark's Skills   Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:04 pm

Name: Football

Ability: Mark is an all-state quarterback. He gained esteem in the eyes of his classmates and his old school for his heroics on the gridiron. He can throw the ball 45 yards downfield accurately and has good field vision. He knows how the game works, and has good football intelligence. (knowing the downs, reading defenses, clock management, etc)

History: Mark has played football since the age of eight, and though he did have some aptitude for the game, he earned his skills mainly through practice. He has spent countless hours of his life doing drills and other practice to get where he is today.


Name: Guitar

Ability: Mark mainly plays guitar in his dorm to relax. He's no Clapton or Page, but he's passable, and he enjoys it as a way to decompress after a long day. He can play AC/DC or the Beatles, but Stairway to Heaven is a bit over his head. Since not many people know he plays, it doesn't really affect his reputation much.

History: Mark was inspired by a love of classic rock and decided that he'd learn to play the guitar. He had almost no skill at the beginning and he has had to build up skill through long hours of missed notes and broken strings. He's been playing for about 8 months now, and hopes to get better by more practice.


Name: Driving

Ability: Mark's been driving for about a year and a half now, and he knows his way around the road. However, he took up racing during his sophomore year, and knows a couple tricks to pull him through a race. (drifting, driving in reverse, 360s)

History: During his turbulent sophomore year, Mark fell in with the bad crowd and began going to races. He decided that he was not the type to sit on the sidelines and quickly entered. He finished a paltry fourth of six in his first race, but he studied the other drivers and got some tips to improve his driving. He had yet to win a race before he left, but he had come in second a couple times.
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Zack Lancaster
Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Re: Mark's Skills   Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:45 pm

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Mark's Skills
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