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 Danielle Valentine

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PostSubject: Danielle Valentine   Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:55 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Danielle Nikki Valentine
Age/Grade: 17, senior
Gender: Female.
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 58Kgs
Appearance: Danielle has fairly toned skin, not too white but not too tanned. Her body is well toned, she's quite skinny but still has some feminine curves. She has stone green eyes. Her hair is naturally black but she has dyed it dark blue, she looks after it so it doesn't look damaged, her fringe sways to the right and generally covers most of her forehead, she usually leaves it out and it curls at the bottom or she'll leave it all straight, she has many shoppy layers at the back of her hair. Danielle has quite a few piercings, she has three lip rings, two close together on the right side and one by itself on the left side of her lip, she has a nose ring on her left nostril and an eyebrow piercing that is usually covered by her fringe. Both her ears have 6mm tunnel and two extra rings just on her earlobe, she has one stud at the top of her ear on her right ear and two rings at the top in her left ear. She has both sides of her hip pierced with studs through them. Danielle only has a few tattoos that are in a place that she can see them. She has a nautical star on her left wrist and a bat next to her left hip piercing.

Relations: Mother - Faye Valentine, Father - Luke Valentine, Older brother, 24 - Dean Valentine

Sexuality: Danielle is a bisexual. She's known this since she was 15. She's quite open with her sexuality and has enough experience. She is sexually active and tends to be a bit out there with it.
Preferences: Danielle likes girls with nice legs and guys that wear skinny jeans. She likes fringes, tattoos, piercings and is more attracted to the type who seem different to most of the crowd. She'd go crazy over a guy or girl who's into her and is in a band or can play guitar.
Likes: Parties, music, weed, smoking, drinking, kisses, hugs, hanging with friends, meeting new people, making fun of teachers, breaking rules, getting body modifications, guitar, singing and her hair.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, RnB music, being grounded, annoying music artists like basshunter, being told to stop doing something she wants to do, people who complain lots, reading books, doing home work and bad teachers.

Back story:
History: Danielle was born into quite a casual family. Her father worked as a mechanic and her mother just did a bit of office work from home. Danielle's brother Dean was where she was most influenced. She grew up spending most of her time with him, he always had to look after her. She watched cartoons that he watched instead of girly stuff like a normal girl would. School had always been a breeze for Danielle. She went through primary school quite easily, mostly getting along with boys, but she still made friends with the girls. At the age of twelve, her brother Dean decided to teach her how to play guitar and Danielle decided that she was going to take up singing. So she did both of those.

When she came into High school as a freshman, she still looked rather normal at the time, she did have her first few ear piercings at the time though. She spent most of her time in that year making friends with people and just being cruisy and such. She always passed her grades quite easily with atleast B-'s. Going through her highschool years she changed, in looks quite alot. As a sophomore she decided to get her piercings, getting her hips done first, then eventually getting the rest, about a month after the one before, until she was a junior, she decided she wanted tattoos instead. Her parents always let her do what she wanted, they didn't really care. As a junior, it was where she started to drink and smoke. She also lost her virginity that year, to someone special of course, but later he ended up breaking her heart. After that, she became quite careless with sexual activity. Generally just hooking up with people at parties and not really caring. She only just dyed her hair at the end of her junior year. She's currently taking English, Art, Music, Drama and Maths.
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PostSubject: Re: Danielle Valentine   Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:13 am

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Danielle Valentine
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