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 Leon Sable Desvery

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PostSubject: Leon Sable Desvery   Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:54 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Leon Sable Desvery
Age/Grade: 17, Junior
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Appearance: Leon is around an average height. not that tall, but not too short either. He has fairly pale skin, and lots of freckles. Leon's hair is naturally a very dark brown, but he has a tendency to dye it.. a lot. i.e., Blue. He has a slim, athletic build. (As he's been playing soccer since he was 5, but that is better left to the history.) His eyes are a dark green, his teeth are straight. He does indeed have abs. He has spider bites, and in case anyone doesn't know, those are the piercing on the upper lip, and he has gauges in his ears, but not disgustingly big ones. Leon has only one tattoo, a dark red skull with black and purple flames, on his right shoulder.


Sexuality: Bisexual, and he doesn't announce it to the world, but if you ask, he'll tell you.
Preferences: Leon isn't too picky, but he likes big breasts, provocative clothing, lingerie, provocative actions, muscles... you get the picture ;D. Of course, you cant forget awesome hair Very Happy and guyliner, as long as it works on the guy. (I said it, deal with it. ^_^)
Likes: Guys, Girls, his friends (although he isn't too great at making them), music, soccer, ancient civilizations, mythology, card games, hanging out with people, the beach, and romance.
Dislikes: ignorant people, needles, baseball, field hockey, needles, people who hurt his friends, needles, insects, and needles. oh yeah, also fairs, deep fried oreos, needles, anything deep fried that shouldn't be deep fried, caramel, and lastly, needles.

Back story:
History: Leon was born in a coastal city, but moved many times when he was little.This was due to many reasons, but mostly because of his father's job. His infant years were relatively uneventful, other than moving alot. When he was around 3 though, his house was destroyed by a hurricane. Because his dad's employer's payed for the house, this was of little consequence, the real damage was that all their family's possessions were also destroyed. then later the next year, their second house was also destroyed, so Leon's mother decided to take her and Leon back to her home. This also caused the family to separate, since Leon's father couldn't go with them, due to his job. In his new home, Leon started to play soccer the summer before he started school, err, real school. (he'd been in 'school' since he was 1 or 2, but they were just daycare basically.) through his soccer team, he met one of his best friends. Also during the elementary school period, Leon learned many things, such as how to swim and various sports. Although leon isn't exactly fond of baseball, or field hockey. He also learned such things as girls dont appreciate being teased. All the while he had been playing soccer too. in 4th grade, he moved across country again. For the end of elementary and all of middle school, life is what you'd expect for kids of that age. Well, towards the end of middle school and the beginning of highschool, things got rocky. Of course though, he still played soccer.

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PostSubject: Re: Leon Sable Desvery   Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:58 pm

Good job so far!

Bump for me when you finish ^^
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Jace Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Leon Sable Desvery   Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Leon Sable Desvery   

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Leon Sable Desvery
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