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 Danielle's Skills.

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PostSubject: Danielle's Skills.   Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:22 pm

Name: Guitar.

Ability: This just makes Danielle seem even more popular because she can play something that'll just make someone want to listen and know more about her. She can play at an excellent level, she can make up her own compositions, mostly using guitar tabs instead of notes, but notation she can do moderately too. She knows most chords and can pick up songs very easily just by ear.

History: When Danielle was about eight she learnt how to play guitar from her brother Dean. She usually practiced everynight for about an hour each night for five years and from then she could manage songs quite easily. Over the time, she learnt about notation, tabs and chords.


Name: Singing[OMFG]

Ability: Along with being able to play guitar, Danielle can also sing quite well. She took lessons when she was a freshmen and has a good Soprano voice. She hits all of her perfectly to a song unless she wants to alter the note to make it sound better than the original.

History: She took lessons as a freshmen and sung along to a lot of her favourite artists songs.
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The Death Wish


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PostSubject: Re: Danielle's Skills.   Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:24 pm

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Danielle's Skills.
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