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 Kendra's Skills

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PostSubject: Kendra's Skills   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:54 pm

Name: Writing, Creative and otherwise

Ability: Kendra is very skilled at writing. She is practiced at character development, description, plot development and execution, as well as the more mundane approaches to writing such as the essay and the term paper. If it involves words, she's excellent at it.

History: Kendra has been storytelling since she was literally old enough to talk. Her parents began very early in helping her develop her natural talent, but mostly it has been her own determination to practice, and practice, and practice some more. Writing is one of those skills that only grows with use, and she has used it to where she is more skilled than some college students (which isn't saying much given the current nature of writing in the educational system).

Name: Dancing

Ability: Kendra is of better than average ability at dancing, though she prefers less athletic forms of the discipline, such as Belly-dancing and some slower more formal movements. Some of her practices involve slower music and movements that closely resemble a strange form of Tai Chi, of all things.

History: For some unknown reason, this is something Kendra has just always known how to do. She never questioned how she knew, she just always knew how to dance, how to move, and she always enjoyed the practice, even though she never formally studied the discipline. It was a whim that made her sign up for a class in dance.

Name: Singing

Ability: Kendra has a beautiful singing voice. She is very good at singing, when she actually uses it, and more often is heard humming to herself or very softly murmuring songs when she isn't paying attention to what she is doing.

History: As with the Dancing, this is something she's just always been able to do, without training, without awareness of just where she acquired the ability. She started by singing along to the radio in her room, when no one was listening to her. She's still rather uncertain of how she feels about people listening to her sing.
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PostSubject: Re: Kendra's Skills   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:54 pm

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Kendra's Skills
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