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 Sara Nadaki

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Sara Nadaki


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PostSubject: Sara Nadaki   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:54 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Sara Nadaki

Age: 28

Gender: Hermaphrodite (First on the site, I believe.) She identifies herself as female.

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 170 lbs


Physique: Sara's weight is well-distributed. Thin, to be sure, but not stick-like. The curves are in all the right places. As far as her bust, she's well-endowed, but not to the point that it looks artificial. Deep tan skin, blonde hair which she keeps very long. Her eyes are odd in color. Depending on the light, her mood, and her own body chemistry, they vary from cyan, to emerald, to chocolate brown. One could actually see some defined muscle tone, if they looked closely enough.

Attire: On the job, she wears a pretty standard outfits. Pastel button-up tops, dark pants, dark colored shoes. (See Avatar) When not on the clock, her appearance is much less professional. Sleeveless tees, loose slacks, and half-jackets.

Employment Qualities:

Regularity: Full Time

Position(s): School Psychologist/Guidance Counselor

Professionalism: Sara has a habit of being friendlier than is called for, to connect with students and staff alike. Professional, but on the less formal end. She has a propensity to goof off when she thinks nobody's watching.


Sexuality: Bisexual, obviously, though men tend to be a little gun-shy. You wouldn't be able to tell, though, unless she was interested in you. Because of her "situation", she's not accustomed to laying with men, though, with women, she has experience. She's not a sexual being, normally, but to those who get her worked up... Beware.

Preferences: She's pretty broad in who she's attracted to, but her major turn off is people who are overconfident in their looks. That being said, her weakness lies in

Likes: Good writing (Books, short stories, etc.), singing, martial arts, video games (RPGs are the favorite, but she is an avid gamer on many fronts)

Dislikes: The willfuly ignorant, the prejudiced, those who manipulate others... ...And leafy greens

Back Story:
History: Sara was born with a very rare form of hermaphrodism called "Sexual Chimerism". Her parents, instead of making the choice, raised her like any normal child. As her personality developed into a distinctly feminine one as puberty approached, her parents approached her with the choice, she took the unexpected third option: to remain as both. She did, however, identify as female.

Her passion was for psychology, from an early age. Getting into an excellent school, she was able to achieve her Masters in Psychology a year early. Her application to Whisper Hallow academy was one of the first things she put out there after she obtained her degree. This isn't the first school she's worked in; she's hoping her past experience will help in nailing the job.
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PostSubject: Re: Sara Nadaki   Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:05 pm

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Sara Nadaki
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