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PostSubject: Menachem   Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:53 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Menachem Lennan
Age/Grade: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lb.
Appearance: Menachem has short white hair that he has had since he was nine, after an accident with a chemical that destroyed his natural red hair. He has light green eyes with little blots of brown and blue, but you‘d have to get close to notice it. He has a great white smile but has a tooth that grew a little too soon and was pushed out from the others. He has a small nose compared to the average guy. He has a strong/firm chin that from what some have told him, “makes him look more like a man.” His right arm has a big burn scar and is absent of hair but his skin has remained soft. His left arm has some hair but because it‘s white, it‘s harder to see. He is very fit, and has a “six-pack” chest and a strong but soft stomach. His legs are almost solid muscle, as he likes to run a lot. He has long but inflexible feet. (it comes with his body size).


Sexuality: Straight, and very open about it. He hasn’t had much of any action, either because the girl he was with didn’t want to, or she was drunk and wasn’t herself, but he’s gotten close a few times before “something came up.” He doesn‘t act in a sexual manner too much in public because he doesn’t like to broadcast that he is with any specific girl, but he opens up a little more in moments with no one else around.
Preferences: Menachem goes for girls that look cute and don’t mind showing their wild side to people they know.
Likes: Menachem like running, communicating with others, having a lot of friends, and having a good time with the people he‘s with.
Dislikes: Menachem dislikes people that are disrespectful to others, and are irresponsible of their grades and chores. He doesn’t like any activities that involve breaking major laws.

Back story:

History: Before Menachem was born, his mother gave birth to a daughter and named her Ruka (means Bright Blue Flower). She was born mentally handicapped because mother did drugs, and dated men that were very abusive. In the same month that she found out she was pregnant with her second child, she turned her self over to a rehab so this one wouldn’t end up like her first child. They allowed her to keep her daughter with her in the rehab after the second week that she was clean of all the drugs. She stayed in the entire time she was pregnant so she could have him in a clean and safe place. Unfortunately because she had taken drugs for most her life and was still weak from having some withdraws from the absence of drugs in her system and being pregnant. While giving birth the Menachem she had problems pushing and had to get a sea section and lost too much blood. She died 30 minutes after giving birth, but she lived long enough to hold and talk to Menachem, and call him by his name. In which, means ‘One who Comforts’ as their last name Lennan means ’Lover’. The two children were sent to an orphanage together.

When Menachem was nine, and Ruka was eleven, Menachem was walking with his sister from school to the orphanage, he decided to take a detour through a closed construction site. He took his eyes off his sister for just a minute and she wandered too close to a barrel filled with a toxic chemical. She stumbled and bumped into the barrel and knocked it over, spilling it all over her, burning her skin as she yelled out in pain. Menachem ran over to his screaming sister and picked her up, rushing her to the hospital as fast he could, ignoring the burns he was receiving from the chemical as it covered his right arm and contaminated his blood. By the time he got to the hospital it was already too late. Ruka had chemical burns all over her body and soon after passed away. Menachem was left with nightmares and a scarred arm and side, and his hair turned white over a period of three weeks.

Menachem has had troubles learning and understanding anything that was taught to him, but tried his best to get through his classes. He was the first, second, and third person to ask any questions and had been picked on because of it. Every time he heard the screams or loud yelling of a girl his mind went back to the day he lost his sister, and if he saw the girl in trouble his first response was to run to her side and protect her, if he knew her or not, or retreat into a shaking ball on the ground holding his head crying out to himself. He’s been through many counseling’s and shrinks to help him, and when he had the most of his “problem” under control he was given a Dorm and a school to go to, Whisper Hallow Academy, and was told to “give social life another chance.” as he is doing now.

Menachem had been in a specialty school that helped him with his difficulties and told him to try going to a regular school for his Senior year. ((forgot to add that in the story))
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PostSubject: Re: Menachem   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:01 am

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