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 "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki

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PostSubject: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:11 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: "Matt" Karatsu Ketsueki "Blood"
Age/Grade: 17/Junior
Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 115 pounds (he lost quite a bit of weight, huh.. Weighed 145 when he joined WHA)
Appearance: (avatar AND picture does not thoroughly match character appearance)
Skinny, pale, and tall, "Matt" Karatsu seems to have a sort of weak appearance. His build is really lithe, quite so that it seems as if he can be blown away by a gust of wind. His hair is a copper color, a mix between orange and brown, and is quite layered. His hair ends an inch or so below his head should end. The bangs of his hair goes over the right side of his face and ends at the side of his chin. His left eye is dark brown on the edges and goes to a clearer, maple color towards the pupil. His right eye, on the other hand, is a cloudy white color, though you can see the dark gray pupil, and has visible scars around it (thus he uses a layer of hair to hide it).
You can count on him to almost always wear a sort of long-sleeved jacket, even when it's hot. When not, he tends to wears wristbands.


Sexuality: He's bisexual (actually leans more on the men side), but he doesn't really know that. I mean, it's natural for him to like girls, since he's a guy, but he isn't so sure if he likes boys yet. He's pretty open about the I-like-girls part of bi, but since he isn't even aware of the I-like-boys part of bi, he's totally silent about it. "Matt"'s very inexperienced with love, since he 'can't find himself in a relationship yet' despite that he's now in high school.

Preferences: For the girls: Those that can stand up to themselves and aren't those 'oh-I-need-help-and-I'm-not-doing-anything-about-it' characters that are always seen in Japanese comics.
For the guys: Bishounens ((If you're not familiar with manga, bishounen is literally 'pretty boy'. As in, a very pretty guy, probably good at fighting, has a nice muscular build, doesn't look gay but can be gay, etc etc.))
On both guys and girls he absolutely loves straight auburn hair; he notices someone right away if they have it, but he loses interest if the hair's curled (though wavy is fine, depending on how it looks).

Shounen manga - 'action' Japanese comics mostly for guys. Since he's naturally near-sighted, he can read it if he puts it up REAAAAAALLY close to his face. His rate of liking from 1-10: 7
Drawing - You guessed it, manga style! He actually has glasses for this... But since glasses barely work with his damaged eye, he still has to put his face close to his work. His rating of liking fr om 1-10: 7
Carrots - What? They say it's good for the eyes.... His rate of liking from 1-10: 6
Sweets/candy/cakes- It's pretty easy to hide a piece of candy in your mouth and enjoy it at the same time. His rate of liking from 1-10: 8
Basketball - His height helps... He guess. It's pretty good for a sport, though his aim can be a bit off sometimes. His rate of liking from 1-10: 9
People he trusts enough to tell them his real name and use it. His rate of liking from 1-10: 100

People calling him by his fake name - Well, it happens since he doesn't really tell people his real name. His rate of disliking from 1-10: 2
Shoujo manga - "love and romance" manga. Aargh, the sparkles! His rate of disliking from 1-10: 5
Tongue-burning eye-watering spicy food - He has absolutely no tolerance for it. His rate of disliking from 1-10: 10
People judging him only by appearance and/or hobbies and/or actions - It doesn't matter if they seem him good or bad, they have to meet him to know him! His rating of disliking from 1-10: 100

Back story:
History: Pretty obvious from his likes and dislike, Karatsu Ketsueki was born in Japan. Born early, he was pretty weak as a child. His parents, while kind, wouldn't have gotten an A in parenting class; while his mother failed at the duty of a mother with her clumsiness, his father was constantly weighed down by work. When he was three his mother tripped with a kettle of piping hot tea... And it splashed all over Karatsu's eyes.
A hysterical mother, a completely confused father, and one trip to the ER later, Karatsu lost nearly all vision in his right eye, while his left eye lost half its vision. Fortunately, his face was only mostly scarred around his left eye, and he went under surgery to clear up any other scars. After this experience, though, he became rather quiet, taking care of himself more, and depending more on his hearing than sight. Thanks to his, he often has a habit of closing his eyes when walking; people often think he's sleepwalking cause of it. He soon learned to grow his hair over his right eye, which is a now cloudy white thanks to its loss of vision. Thanks to this and his lack of wanting to smile, though, he soon became known as an 'emo' around others.
When he was eight his mother committed suicide and his father went into a depressed rage. Karatsu watched the blurry vision of his father pacing around and grasping at his hair, barely able to help... And waited some more until his father decided to move to America to get more money. So off they moved, and Karatsu was soon sent off into an elementary school with a new name: "Matt Blood". Kind of creepy? He got "Matt" from a dictionary, while Ketsueki literally means "blood" in Japanese.
A new country meant new smells, new sounds, and, most of all, new sights. Karatsu couldn't see a thing. He couldn't see the board, he couldn't see the angry expressions of his teachers, not even the faces of his peers. He couldn't even close his eyes and depend on sound, since there were too many noises and people shoving and bumping into each other. No one liked him because he was too weird, and he was too shy around those that actually tried to approach him. Except one. Another Japanese exchange student, a male, but this one knew English as well as he knew Japanese. Takashi. Though both were reluctant at first, Takashi was made to be Karatsu's 'guide', as the teachers knew that he was three fourths blind. Takashi soon became "Matt"'s best friend; he would hold onto "Matt"'s hand and lead him to his classes, teach him English, and stayed with him when no one else would. Takashi was the first person "Matt" told his real name to, and Karatsu trusted Takashi fully.
Yes, Takashi sparked up "Matt"'s attraction to guys, but before he could indulge deeper into it middle school started, and he and Takashi were separated. There in middle school there was no one to trust, no one's hand to hold onto, no best friend at all. He kept on bumping into people, who would just shove him back, and soon he became the main target of bullies. One good thing, though! This taught him self defense, and he soon learned the best spots to jab at people in case they try to bother him.
At the near end of tenth grade, "Matt"'s father died in a car crash. Now what to do? He had no relatives in America.. "Matt" volunteered to go stay at an orphanage during the summer before he was sent to a boarding school. It was decided that is exactly what he shall do. Now at a new school, fluent at both English and Japanese, pretty lost, and more than half blind... Will someone be able to hold his hand now?

Other: While it's obvious that he has physical flaws, what about his mental ones? After all, he's superiorly kind to a lot of people, especially the bullied. Well, yeah, he does.
After learning how to be independent in Japan, 'Matt' had gained supreme trust issues, which is why he gave himself an English name once moving to America. His mom had named him Karatsu, but he wanted to hide it when he moved to America because he didn't want strangers to know the everlasting title his most cherished person gave him. He has trouble with people, even best friends, knowing his secrets, too, and one can only learn about his hobbies by catching him in the act of it or questioning him heavily (as he tends to be vague with answers about him).
When is he actually mean? A) when he meets a bully or B) when he's drunk. He can be hella mean when he's drunk, though he doesn't remember these experiences.
Furthermore, he's as eloquent as a turtle when it comes to strangers of his age or when in an awkward situation.


Last edited by Karatsu on Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:13 am; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : Added picture (with eyepatch))
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PostSubject: Re: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:11 am

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PostSubject: Re: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:57 pm

Thank you.

I added a picture OAO;;
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PostSubject: Re: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:41 am

Thats ok, actually the picture almost looks like a guy that wears an orange jaket from air gear. lol also has an eye patch.
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PostSubject: Re: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:42 am

R-Really? This is what Karatsu would've looked like if he wore an eyepatch... ;;;

(I just drew it thinking; I should draw Karatsu, but eyepatches are sexy. He doesn't wear an eyepatch in the roleplay.. *nervous laughter*)

His looks are actually kind of based off of Lavi from D.Gray-man (but I made him before I was introduced to that manga) OAO
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PostSubject: Re: "Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki   

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"Matt Blood" .. Or Karatsu Ketsueki
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