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 Taiyou leeAnn

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Taiyou LeeAnn


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PostSubject: Taiyou leeAnn   Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:56 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Taiyou LeeAnn Meyer
Age/Grade: 17/ Junior
Height: 5,5
Weight: 120pounds

Appearance: Taiyou is a very attractive woman. She has long black coal hair that easily falls down to the middle of her back. Taiyou normally wears her hair up for that was what she learned since she was little. She has striking ice blue eyes that melt into clear water when she smiles. Her skin is a very tan as she is a country girl. She is a bit short but she don’t mind as her body has all the right cruves. She is not toned but she don’t have parts of her body that sag with fat. She works out to keep her body right and she tans often in the sun when she can.

Relations:None at the moment.

Sexuality: Taiyou is straight, She is not scared to tell anyone that she is straight and only likes men. She don’t care if someone was bi, or if they like girls or guys. She knows that people love and that’s what they should do. Taiyou never had sex yet, for she wants to stay a virgin. She is very serious about her quests, and that’s one of them. Taiyou is just waiting for that right person for her.

Preferences: Taiyou’s turn on’s would be that she would be bitten, She lives to be rough at times. She loves a person that can goof around with her and yet when they are serious they need to be. She don’t like when men they go overboard on working out and have huge mussels, she likes someone in between and still can protect her when need be.


    -Close friends
    -Joking around
    -Saving a lot of dogs
    -Dancing in the rain


    -Loud noises
    -Loud people
    -Cold winters (she gets cold easily)

Back story:

History: Taiyou has had a very normal life if you say Christian school and over baring parents. Taiyou was born on September, 28, 1992. She already had two older brothers who where her parents angles. When she was ten her mother had another child, that was a girl. Taiyou was very good at her grades getting Bs, And A’s, that wasn’t what her parents wanted. They wanted perfect, and Taiyou tried her hardest. Her parents soon accepted her grades as they tried once again to make their younger child perfect as well. They did not succed as her sister was a very wild child. Taiyou’s brothers also went off the end. Her parents thought she was next so they sent her to Whisper Hallow. That made Taiyou very upset as she was moved away from her friends that are very far away and from her family. She now starts to get a bit crazy but keeps herself clam and a level head. She still is looking for something that would really tip her parents off the end.

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Re: Taiyou leeAnn   Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:22 pm

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Taiyou leeAnn
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