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 Shunned (open)

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PostSubject: Shunned (open)   Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:20 pm

Thinking that no one would even talk to her, Mandi went to the computer lab. She turned on one of th computers, and instantly went on the internet. She started to talk to some of her online friends and told them about her new school. She knew eventually someone would have to talk to her, but she wasn't sure when.
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PostSubject: Re: Shunned (open)   Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:43 pm

There was nothing to do, nothing to do at all. There wasn't even a book to read; heck, he couldn't even read it thanks to his bad eyesight. Yes, he did have glasses, but they barely helped. He needed something like surgery to fix his eye; the other one was dead forever, so nothing he could do about that.

"Matt" wandered through the school. He was a new student, so he didn't know much about anything in Whisper Hallow Academy. Since he could barely read the signs, he had more or less no idea where he was going as well. Right now he was simply wandering, building a map of the school in his head.

I wonder where this leads. he thought, looking at a certain door. Well, only way to check, right? He opened it to find a row of computers. Aaah, so this must be a computer lab. There was only one person there; a girl. Should he go talk to her?

The thing about him, though, was that he could never start conversations. "Matt" was one of the most awkward people he knew. So instead he just sat down on a chair two seats away from her right, popped a sweet candy into his mouth, and turned on a computer. He waited for a few moments for the screen to brighten, then opened the Internet.

It was hard to see, so he rummaged into his bag and brought out his glasses. Again, they didn't do much, but it helped. "Matt" carefully placed them on, ignoring the fact that he only had one eye visible. It would be easier to wear a monocle, since his other eye was blind, but that would make him look downright gay.

Enjoying the sweet flavors spreading on his tongue, he typed in a url with expert speed. On this website he was working on a story; the website was pretty neat, since it saved all his info, and he could even post it to the public once he was done.

He began to write away, his fingers flying over the keyboard at 120 words per minute. He really had no idea if he was making typos; since he enjoyed his privacy very much, the word size was small, and he could only depend on his mind to make sure that he made no mistakes.
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Shunned (open)
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