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 Cecilla Izayoi

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Cecilla Izayoi


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PostSubject: Cecilla Izayoi   Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:35 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Cecilla Patchouli Izayoi
Age/Grade: 13, 9th Grade
Gender: Female, though she appears quite androgynous at times.
Height: 5'0 (with her school shoes on, she wears them to give herself a height boost)
Weight: 41kg
Appearance: Her hair is cotton candy pink, and sits at chin-length, it's poker straight normally, but each day she styles it; she curls it, or she flicks out the tips and gels them so they spike out. The current favourite hairstyle is curly with small pigtails on the top of her head. Her eyes are mint green and her eyelashes are quite long, and she always wears light pink lipgloss. She has little to no fingernails, because even though she's watched the movies she has multiple times, she still bites her nails at the exciting points. Her skin is very pale, because she's usually indoors, and she hates tans and especially fake ones. She appears quite androgynous at times, and likes to use this to her advantage; she calls herself "a master of disguise".

She has quite a fairy/pixie aura about her- she is very petite all over, has a little button nose, and her two front teeth are quite big and also because of the ways she seems to bounce around and pop out of nowhere. Her uniform was "edited" slightly, so it looks more "anime style" and so that she feels like she can cosplay every day! She never goes out without her teddy backpack- bob, her rather "zombified plushie teddy bear- zombini, or her pink box-shaped kitty lunchbox. When not in uniform, she usually wears short skirts with t-shirts that have some sort of fandom depicted on them. She always wears boxer shorts and NOT girls' underwear, so that she may call her alter-ego "boxerman" (Boxerman! A girl in disguise!). Her favourite shirt has Optimus Prime on, and Optimus is also on her favourite pair of pyjamas (which also glow in the dark). At parties, or when she's going out, she loves wearing sweet lolita fashion. Although she eats enormous amounts, she isn't pudgy at all, though maybe slightly cuddly; she has a nice figure, but isn't stick-thin.

Overall, her appearance is quite eccentric, along with her personality.


Sexuality: She's straight, but has little to no experience of mature love. She has no interest at all in "sexual" love at all, in fact, she's pretty oblivious to things of that nature.
Preferences: Peter Parker, Optimus Prime, Tony Stark, Obi-wan Kenobi. Superhero/Prince Charming types- she's a bit of a fangirl...well, maybe a lot, actually.
Likes: Bubblegum, plushie toys, noodles, causing mischief, fairy tales, martial arts, FPS games (especially ones with zombies), cosplay, cute things, comics (iron man, transformers, spiderman and batman), manga (air gear, ultimo, bleach and one piece) and sci-fi and action movies/shows (transformers, star wars, star trek), free-running and odd acrobatics.
Dislikes: Meanies, garlic, mushrooms, spoilsports, sport and exercise (except martial arts), bullies, tans, those who pre-judge others, girls' underwear, people telling her to "grow up", the idea of growing up, and sparkly vampires.

Back story:
History: Cecilla was born to her to geeky parents on the 9th July 19XX in a small English village. From a very young age, thanks to her parents and older brother, Jet whom she greatly admired, she took interest in things girls her age wouldn't usually like; comics, sci-fi and action movies and shows, action figures and videogames, aswell as liking plushies and fairy tales; Cecilla is an odd clash of interests. At the age of five, she began taking martial arts lessons in an attempt to do as Jet did and proceeded to pass grading exams at above average speeds, she is currently a black belt in Taekwon-do and has won many tournaments. As she grew up, other children at school would avoid her because of her interests and personality- she wouldn't enjoy being with the girls, and the boys didn't like the idea of a girl playing with them, so Cecilla kept herself to herself and read comics in the library. She felt quite alone because Jet, although he was wild, and did many of the acrobatic feats that Cecilla also managed to do. However, he attracted positive attention, whereas Cecilla didn't. Cecilla loved spending time with Jet, and they spent lots of time together, practicing martial arts and acrobatics like tree climbing etc.

Whilst most children went to each others' parties and began going shopping, and other places together, Cecilla remained at home playing videogames, online MMO's, or watching t.v. Her parents noticed that she was becoming a bit of a shut-in and began to worry, telling her that she should make an effort to get out a little more. She tried being social at school but began to get bullied, consequently, she became even more of a shut-in than before. She often confided in Jet, who cared about her, and so her admiration of him grew. That is, until Jet just up and left one day. Her parents told her he had gone away, but never disclosed details. The sudden leave of Jet made Cecilla a complete shut in, not even willingly leaving her room.
The only times she left the house were to go to conventions and certain events, she wouldn't even go to school. She enjoyed going to conventions and expos because the people there accepted her. When she was there, it was like she was a different person; she was fun-loving, smiling, mischievous (she tended to cosplay the characters who caused mischief). As months passed, she decided to return to school but was met with increased bullying because of her temporary leave.

Despite the bullying, Cecilla excelled in her classes at school, earning her good, hard-earnt grades, which she was proud of herself to achieve. One day, about a month before her 13th birthday at a convention in America, she saw an advert on a notice board in a shop for "Whisper Hallow Academy". After reading it, she began to think about whether she might fit in there more. After showing her parents the advert and a long discussion, the decision was made for Cecilla to go there.

Cecilla's hopes at Whisper Hallows is that she may fit in more, and will be able to have fun and be her bubbly, geeky, mischievous self! Maybe she'll meet Jet again someday too...

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PostSubject: Re: Cecilla Izayoi   Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:53 pm

Interesting, good length, and good details. This looks good!. Approved.
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Cecilla Izayoi
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