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 Cecilla's Skills

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Cecilla Izayoi


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PostSubject: Cecilla's Skills   Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:28 am

Name: Martial Arts

Ability: One of Cecilla's less obvious skills; she doesn't go around bragging about it, and so people only usually notice it and find out when she's training. Despite her size and build, Cecilla is incredibly strong, and finds this skill comes in very handy with self-defence. Cecilla prefers to use fighting techniques involving her feet and legs, as she lacks upper body strength. Cecilla practices every day for at least 30mins. Her fighting style is quite varied, and she is good at dodging. Her moves smoothly flow into one another; like a dance.

History: Cecilla began learning martial arts at a very young age and picked it up very easily. She went through her grading exams quickly, and consequently became a black belt. She used to practice for about an hour a night, but now Cecilla has schoolwork and videogames to play etc.


Name: Drawing

Ability: Cecilla is a fussy artist; she won't use regular pens, she has to use special permanent marker type pens. She's a very talented artist, who only seems to draw manga-style. Her favourite things to draw are fairies and cute zombies. She loves to doodle, too.

History: She began drawing fan art of comics and manga she likes when she was 7 years old and slowly developed her own style.


Name: Cooking

Ability: Cecilla isn't a world-class chef, but she cooks for herself whenever possible. She can bake cakes and cookies, she makes delicious noodles and other japanese cuisine, she loves cooking curries, pasta, and rice dishes too! Every morning she makes herself a bento which she carefully carries in her kitty lunchbox.

History: Her mother and father would cook together all the time, so Cecilla would join in when she could. As she got older she was allowed to cook her own things and she began experimenting with different flavours and cooking techniques.


Name: Master of Disguise

Ability: Cecilla exploits the fact that she appears quite androgynous at times and she loves to dress up! When she creates a cosplay and wears it, it's almost as if she really is that character, due to the quality of the costume and her ability to wear it in a way that makes her that character. It's a skill that comes in handy with acting, too! When she wants to surprise someone, she'll often put on a costume and wig and no-one will recognise her.

History: Her love of becoming a character began when she went to her first anime convention with her father in a cosplay her mother had made her. She won first place in a cosplay contest because she really did look like the character. This inspired her to keep making costumes and wearing them to become the character. To this day she has more cosplay outfits than casual outfits.


Name: Clothes Making

Ability: Cecilla makes casual clothes for herself, as well and cosplays, all to a very high quality. She also makes plushie toys; many in her collection are those she has made. She sometimes sells her creations at expos and conventions. She also makes formal wear for herself, including intricate gothic and sweet lolita dresses.

History: This skill came about from Cecilla's hate of shopping, the fact that she can never find clothes in her size, and her love for cosplay (see last skill). Her mother taught her everything she knows about clothes making, and almost all of Cecilla's clothes are made by herself or her mother.


Cecilla's skills are to a high standard because she really, really doesn't get out much. So she spends her time being creative indoors and fine-tuning her skills as well as lazing around.
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PostSubject: Re: Cecilla's Skills   Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:30 pm

Wait.. You're telling me this never got approved? o-o Eh.. Well it's true this isn't required for your completed character...

Whatever ;] APPROVED!
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Cecilla's Skills
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