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 Miranda Yale

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Miranda Yale


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PostSubject: Miranda Yale   Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:25 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Miranda Louise Yale
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 61 kilograms
Appearance: Long hair, usually dyed blue, and in pigtails, in ringlets, seeing as she has a lot of time after marking homework in the evenings to style it, and as she gets up so early anyway. Large blue eyes, and normally light pink lips, she has a rather large nose to her misfortune. To opposite her pale skin, she tends to wear white and black clothing, mainly being, her white heels, cream skirt, and black blouse & jacket. Het skirt is usually short to show off her (fairly) slim legs, which are quite long. Her foot size as 7, she enjoys wearing large boots or heels to show how tall she is compared to students- she's quite competetive in her own way.

Employment Qualities:
Regularity: Usually part-time, mainly in the evenings.
Position(s): A art teacher (covers drawing, collage, and film)
Professionalism: She's extremely bold and expressive, doing things to her own manner, however can be persuaded easily, and isn't really professional, and a push-over to children as proved in recent years, due to her immature and naive outlook on life, in general.


Sexuality: Straight, although due to her nature as a young child, and shyness with the opposite sex, she doesn't really have any experience, having only one boyfriend ever, which lasted about 2 days.
Preferences: Large eyes, long chins, good necks, well-shaped feet, rugged hair.
Likes: Art, anime, manga, films, drawing, hair dye, books, computers, shoes, cosplay, classical music & horror.
Dislikes: Anything anti-anime, show-offs & Disney

Back Story:

History: Raised in the small town of Gumby, by only her mother, as her father abandoned her mother after realizing he was to have Miranda, and didn't want a child just yet. Her mother home-schooled her up to the age of 14, living in the same house. Miranda bonded with her mother often, as from the age of one, she could read words as long as trousers, and spaghetti with her mother's method of flashcards, with pictures on. By two, she could write her own name fully, and knew the alphabet by heart. Moving on to numbers, and figures, she could do simple maths problems easily, being taught by her mother. She lived in a bungalow, which was quite small, having one bathroom, one kitchen, two bedrooms, and a sitting room, (and naturally a hallway). Her mother worked from benefits, having disability problems on her hip and back, meaning she could barely walk, and having arthritus, hence meaning Miranda usually did the average household chores. Being shy, she never had many friends at school, and resided in spending the majority of her time making artworks, and drawing from notepads her mother gave her. Homeschooled, she'd start work with her mother learning maths or literacy until lunch, then helping cook the dinner, before doing extra science and art skills. Her mother taught her quite well. Once in 10th Grade, she was sent to St. Anatelle's boarding school for both genders, as her mother felt as a burden holding Miranda back with her schoolwork. Miranda shared room with Anna, who luckily had same interest as her, and as the school years progressed, of Miranda only having Anna as a friend, as she didn't know exactly how to make friends, having being homeschooled and kept away from the outside world for so long. Her favourite lesson became art, as her teacher showed her the basics, and teaching her amazing things. After turning seventeen, her mother died to cancer, leaving Miranda crushed, and not wishing to persue her interests, taking a year for her to recover, she didn't jump straight into work, becoming a drop-out art student at Frindetts Academy, until seeing the poster for Whisper Hallow Academy requesting for more teachers, and so, tried taking the job...
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PostSubject: Re: Miranda Yale   Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:25 pm

Normally I read the whole history but I can see you do have a good bit and why you came here at the end of it, also it looks good. Approved!
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Miranda Yale
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