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 Roxanne Alexandra Home's Dorm Description

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Alex Homes


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PostSubject: Roxanne Alexandra Home's Dorm Description   Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:23 am

Room Number: 79

Decor: The theme of all the rooms are modern japanese Rooms, colours mainly Black White and odd different splashes of colour such as Gold/Yellow, green, Blue, red and pink.

Everything what a kitchen should have. All opened planned. Has the enterances door to dorm in here.

Black and white mainly. Low Futon bed, along with sliding door what links to the Bathroom and Living room, along with Hanako Yoko styled Rug. A small tv along with a WII console and a low desk cluttered with paper and materials, along with a Ipod speakers and Ipod.

Light wooden walls, with white titled floor, with a cream colored tube along with traditional hand balls. Also has glass panels within the room. Along with some green plants There is a sliding door which links to the Bedroom.

Living Room; Tidy but seems to have room split in half cause half of the room holds materials, books, mannequins, A desk with a lamp on it, along spotlights around the studio side of the room. The other side seems to have 5 large cushions Along with Ipod speakers and TV. The lounge is opened planned to the kitchen plus a sliding door to her bedroom.

Roommates: None.

Privacy: Unlocked if she's in and locked if she's not.

Traffic: Yes, she allows many people to come over, but most of the time she's by herself in her dorm, doing her Designing for an outfit. If people do come over and start to fiddle around with her sketches and designs she'll shout at them... (Very protective of her work/designing.)

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PostSubject: Re: Roxanne Alexandra Home's Dorm Description   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:31 am

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Roxanne Alexandra Home's Dorm Description
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