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 Forum Construction

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PostSubject: Forum Construction   Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:52 pm

Before I even start typing in anything; I'd like to point out that this is only an idea and I have a friend who is going to support me and help me with it.

Unlike many forums who start out without a solid foundation; I plan on gathering a small group of moderators to assist in any future needs and thus I would be able to go far in a simple forum that may develope in the future into better or a more advanced forum.

I still haven't decided what the idea of the forum is going to be about but I do plan on keeping it simple, thus I can gather a huge amount of fans easily and those who aren't familiar with it, may loev it quickly due to the fact it is simple.
Now I speak as making the forum is simple (I said simple like three or four times now) but sadly, it isn't. It's not making the fourm that's difficult, its maintaining it and keeping it active.

Now, enough chit chat and down to the topic. If you wish to help and be e-mailed and/or PMed about the idea, please fill in this application and private it to me. (In other words; PM)

Quote :
Age: Don't worry, we don't take age as a huge matter but we wish to know with what category we would be dealing with and what category would deal with us.
Interests: What gathers your attention? Football, basketball, video games? Please be specific about this and try to elaborate as much as possible. Personally, for an example issue; I like English and anything that could improve my English would be addicting! I plan on being a writter and summing everything up, literature and/or novel works are kind of my interest.
Activity: How active are you per day? How many hours can you access the internet?
Timezone: Your timezone if possible. Calculations are needed even for this (Sadly I'm the one doing the math)
Connection: How can we contact you? MSN? Skype? E-mail?

I hope this was elaborative enough. This is not the perfect idea of advertising but I am advertising an application for a future staff.

Thank you for your time.
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Forum Construction
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