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 Rebecca Rose Taiye

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Rebecca Rose


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PostSubject: Rebecca Rose Taiye   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:43 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Rebecca Rose Taiye
Age/Grade: 15/Sophomore
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 90lbs
Appearance: Rebecca is particularily short for her age. She has long, blonde hair - naturally wavy - with bright green eyes. Her complexion is somewhat pale, her milky skin having an almost luminous effect. She is extremely petite, which has lead to beliefs that she is anorexic, although she is not. She has always been thin. Although shy, she smiles a lot. This, along side her emerald eyes, is deamed her most endearing feature.



Sexuality: Rebecca is as sure of her sexuality as any unexperienced teenage girl. As far as she is aware, she is straight, but she has never been in a proper relationship, and dating has never really crossed her mind.
Preferences: Rebecca has a major soft spot for mysterious people. As much as she hates to admit the cliche, she has often dreamed of bumping into that tall, dark stranger.
People who are able to convey their emotions, too, she finds very attractive. She can feel nothing but pity for fakers.
Likes: Being spontaneous, and doing things on a whim. Ribbons and a big cup of tea on rainy saturday mornings. The little things, really. Kicking the leaves on a path, walks on the beach, sunsets and starry skies. Taking photos and sketching pictures. Reading novels and writing poetry. Thinking.
She also loves the the reflection of the moon on the ocean surface.
Dislikes: Lies. Loud noises, like thunder or slammed doors. People who can't carry an intellectual conversation.

Back story:
History: Very little is known about Rebecca's background. She has lived with her foster parents since she was 5, and the whereabouts of her blood parents are unknown. Where she lived and who she lived with before she was fostered is also unknown. Her foster parents are thought to be very wealthy, and they used to appraise Rebecca with gifts. However, the reason for their wealth and ability to spoil her came from their long work hours. Rebecca rarely saw her foster parents, and so has never in her life felt the love and warmth only a parent can give. Some think this may be the reason that Rebecca tends to avoid interaction with others; she simply doesn't know how.
Since this, it is not that Rebecca has lost her personality, she just can't express herself. Rebecca, although a seemingly standoffish kind of person, is a very thoughtful, selfless girl who always puts her friends first. She can often be found reading or dancing or drawing or simply thinking and staring into space. She is a very quiet person, whose facial expression is almost always blank and unreadable. Because of this, people find her unapproachable. To others she seems stately, always emanating an air of pride and reservation. But, if a person were to venture beyond the emotional barrier that Rebecca puts up, they would find a very vulnerable and caring young girl with a huge heart.
Rebecca has always been unusually small for her age, often at least a good 12 inches shorter than any of her classmates. She doesn't mind it, however, and so isn't bothered when others tease her.
Eventually, her fosterers shipped her over to Whisper Hallow Academy; the school that they had both attended when they were young. They told her that it was to carry on the family tradition, but Rebecca was well aware that she had simply become a burden to them.
Rebecca is not a particularly academic girl and has fairly average grades. She has the potential to be extremely clever but just doesn't put the required effort in to her work. Rebecca is also a very sporty person, but again, in essence, is too lazy to exert herself. She does, however, do Ballet a lot. This meaning that she can nearly always be found practicing Ballet in the Gardens.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca Rose Taiye   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:35 pm

Ok, looks good, Approved.
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Rebecca Rose Taiye
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