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 Kraatz Hattenveer

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PostSubject: Kraatz Hattenveer   Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:07 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Kraatz Hattenveer
Age/Grade: 17, 12th Grade
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 197 pounds
Dark Brown hair, which is always quite wild and messy, since Kraatz hardly ever does anything with it (apart from special occasions.). He wears small rectanglular glasses 24/7 due to the fact that he is short sighted. He has deep brown eyes and his eyelids are relaxed most of the time. He has ghostly pale skin, which cannot tan, it only burns. Because of this he tends either to stay inside or in the shade during the summer.He is quite tall and has reasonably broad shoulders, but he actually lacks most of his arm strength.

Sexuality: Straight. He doesn't feel that this needs explaination. People can expect it. Kraatz is a virgin, and dousn't really see the point in it while he's still at school.
Preferences: Doesn't get "Turned on" in a sexual manner. Kraatz believes long term relationships are not meant for in school, and short term relationships are pointless and stupid.
Likes: Music (generally rock, metal etc), his own space,video games, food, breakfast, his guitar, playing his guitar, composing music of his own, people who accept him for who he is.
Dislikes: People who try to change him, crowded spaces, shopping, slutty girls, chavs, stuck up people, classical music.

Back story:
History: Kraatz was born in London into a very high class family. He was forced into being well mannered, polite and to wear nice, but in his opinion, very restricting clothes. His mother forced him to take violin and Piano lessons. Kraatz hated this. His tutor throughout this period was evil.
At the age of 8, Kraatz was admittingly very skilled at a variety of musical instruments. He didn't feel any more comfortable though. One day, he met the children of his tutor. They were twin brothers, who felt the same as Kraatz did. The two of them were plotting to start up a rock band without their parents knowing. Kraatz decided to join them and they all sneaked out to a warehouse every sunday whilst their nparents were at meetings all day. Kraatz instantly excelled at playing the electric guitar, whilst the two twins played bass and drums, whilst the bassisst also sang.
One day,when kraatz was 12 the twins never arrived at the warehouse. After a little bit of snooping, kraatz discovered they'de been caught and were being locked inside their house. Kraatz was also caught soon afterwards. After weeks of plotting via means of sending letters, they decided to escape. Unfortunately the twins were caught and were unable to escape. Kraatz escaped to the countryside with money he had stolen from his parents and took his guitar and travelled from town to town busking and hoping to find new band mates. He kept all his belongings in a storage warehouse, and hired lorry drivers he knew due to his family's connections. One day whilst travelling from state to state in America to look for bandmates, he stumbled upon Whisper Hallow after failing in his endeavors. He hopes he can find new bandmates and improve his music skills at whisper hallow.
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PostSubject: Re: Kraatz Hattenveer   Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:06 pm

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Kraatz Hattenveer
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