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 Cherry Scott

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Cherry Scott


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PostSubject: Cherry Scott   Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:38 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Cherry Anne Scott
Age/Grade: 14/9th Grade
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 45 Kilos
Appearance: Cherry has Pale Ivory-like skin, is about average height, for her age, and has size 6 feet, so again, average. Her legs are quite longish, and she's rather skinny (but not bony-skinny). Her hair is naturally a ginger colour, however she dyed it red, to suit her name, personality, and as she used to get bullied regularly, it's usually styled in a short bob-cut down. She also happens to have quite a bright brown eye-colour, however in the bright sunlight, they appear to go mysteriously red. She has an Oval-shaped face, and her nose is fairly long, sticking out average length. Playing piano, and flute/piccolo, she has long fingers, and no matter how hard she tries always ends up with long fingernails, usually to be told off by her piano teacher as it's more difficult to play- due to their longness, she was nicknamed "Spider" by her teacher. Casually speaking, she tends to add an urban-indie touch to her wardrobe. Cherry tends to steer from make-up as she feels it's much better to be natural (despite her hair-colour).


Sexuality: Straight, never had any personal experiences before, as a virgin.
Preferences: (Not in a fetish kind of way), just basically someone with a kind, generous, and out-going nature- and if possible rugged hair (bed-head sort-of)
Likes: Music (classical and mainly indie), family, friends, and basically anything that proves of a challenge to overcome.
Dislikes: Cheaters, scammers, anything unfairly-played by.

Back story:

History: Cherry grew up in a average family, in the middle, having an older, and younger brother. The eldest, Eric, 2 years older than her, and Matthew, a year younger. Her parents always away working, at first gave them a nanny for a few years until Eric turned 11. Many weekends were spent indoors, her older brother working as the babysitter to them, entrusted with their souls. Her mother worked abroad on Cruise-ships, for P&O ferries, usually only to return, at best, once a week. The father, was merely slightly better, working as head-director of a market gardening business, based a thirteen-hour drive away from where Cherry and her siblings spent most of their lives so far. He usually returned home around 3 times a week, staying for 9-10 hours each time at best. All 3 children lived in a rather large house, and the family always had enough money for luxuries and such. Life would seem pleasant, however with only themselves as company, it was rather a lonesome experience. All of the children went to St. Marco's Junior and Senior school, both being private schools. Cherry became better and better instrumentally-wise, with her piano at grade 7 standard, flute, and piccolo at grade 6- she joined various bands and orchestras during her free time, until one day she came upon a leaflet at the local music centre, mentioning Saint Albert's scholarship entrance fees, for talented youth musicians, taking up the position with her parents, she eventually persuaded them to change schools to the closest possible place: Whisper Hallow Academy. After school, she now spends her time, going to Saint Albert's hoping to proceed. Still keeping in touch with her siblings, Cherry is missing them dearly, but finds time to visit them once a fortnight, trying to catch a time when one or even luckier, both parents are there.
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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Scott   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:42 pm

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Cherry Scott
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