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 Cyra Redfield

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Cyra Redfield


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PostSubject: Cyra Redfield   Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:11 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Cyra Redfield
Gender: Female
5'1 ft
47 kg
Cyra is really short, and has short natural red hair(with a slight orange tint). Her eyes are a beautiful amber color. She has a rather pale skin, and a rather fragile-looking body. Although she looks fragile, she doesn't look sick at all. It rather completes her character, so to say. She uses very little make-up, mostly mascara.


She sees herself as straight, but have started to believe that she might be bisexual after she got feelings for a girl. She have had boyfriends, and they have been going far, but she have never had sex. She is very interested in others sex stories, but she becomes embarrassed as soon as someone asks her.
Preferences: Cyras biggest fetish is her love of the "Knight saves the princess" scenario. She would love to have a strong guy that would protect her from danger.
This means that she is attracted to muscular, beautiful(bishounen?) guys. She is also drawn towards guys with a mystical aura about them.
She doesn't know what her tastes in women are(as she isn't certain about it), but the protection rule would aply here as well.
Her prefered hair colors are Brown and Blond.
Likes: She loves her cat, Jazz. She watches a lot of anime. She listens to much J-pop bands and some rock and punk bands. Her favourite food is Fishsticks(yup). She likes skirts. She also like to play video games from time to time. She is interested in many sports.
Dislikes: She absolutely hates bullies and people who judge people by looks. She dislikes brutes. She dislikes homework, as she never does them anyways.

Back story:
History: Cyra had always stood out. With her red hair and short figure she was more or less doomed to become a target for bullies. Her eccentric behaviour and lack of concentration didn't help either. She endured the lower parts of school, more or less, with her only friend Jazz, her kitten. When she came home she often skipped homework and went to cry in her bed.
But one day a girl from a junior class saw what happened and stood in the way between three big bullies and Cyra. She was big, but not as big as those three. As it turned out, she knew Tae-Kwon Do. She beat the bullies and then turned to the crying Cyra and told her that everything would be alright, and that her name was Ema. Since then Cyra was protected by Ema and she got herself some friends, some of them boyfriends. She learned to smile instead of crying, and she soon promised herself to try and never cry again. On top of that, she started getting other feelings than simply friendship of Ema.

Two years later Ema graduated and disappeared from Cyras life. Everything seemed to fall apart and she once again stopped doing her homework. Her parents blaimed the school for her sudden failing grades, and arranged a change of school. She and her beloved cat Jazz would soon start her new life at Whisper Hallow Academy...

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PostSubject: Re: Cyra Redfield   Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:14 pm

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Cyra Redfield
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