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 For Quick Approval: READ

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Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: For Quick Approval: READ   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:31 am

It won't be enforced with complete severity, and disobeying it isn;t gonna get your schedule automatically disapproved.

However. Following this rule will look better on you, it will allow people comfort and ease to be able to find the information they need (mainly mods and admins) and it will also make the approval time much faster.

So. The new rule goes like this:

When writing your schedule, provide a link to each of the classes on your timetable

To do that:
[url=http://www.linkhere.com]Name of Class[url].

This way, we can look at your schedule, and see that you have written down say... English 1st period. With the link all we then have to do is click on the subject, and we immediately see the original approved templat for that class. This lets us check to make sure you have the right grade, in the right period etc.

It will also help other users later on, who want to know a bit about your character, to read up on the subject matter of the classes you are taking.

Thank you for your time, and future effort in following this rule. That is all.
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For Quick Approval: READ
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