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 Yuma Knox

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Yuma Knox


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PostSubject: Yuma Knox   Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:32 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Yuma Knox
Age/Grade: 14- Freshman
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 102 lb
Appearance: Yuma is tall (for her age), quite slim, with about average sized feet of size 7 (UK), her legs are also quite long. She has naturally black hair, despite her very pale complexion, also having grey eyes. Having an oval-shaped face, she has a long fringe to match, and hair stretching down her back- she usually lets it down, despite its thickness. If possible, she tends to wear clothes that aren't 'in fashion' or what everyone else is wearing...she tends to be unique, sticking to these rules, keeping an eye out for perculiar accessories.


Sexuality: Straight...or atleast she thinks she is...she's never really fancied anyone or being in a relationship to know her sexuality just yet.
Preferences: Not so much as fetishes, she tends to go for qualities, such as people who are open, know how to tell the truth, and basically considerate to others...she doesn't go for looks.
Likes: Family, friends, things that make life that little more special, really.
Dislikes: Anyone that takes advantage of another person, cheaters, liars, those frustrating people that everyone meets at one point in life.

Back story:
Yuma was born at Lunos Hospital years back, as a first and last-born child to her parents, up to this moment. Her mother, currently 46, and father, 52, took care of her, guiding her along slowly and carefully. Despite growing up with no siblings, she grew up in an estate flat apartment, spending most of her time either there, or at the nearby park with friends. Only her father worked up until the age of 6, whereupon her mother also joined work as the manageress of the local supermarket, whilst her dad worked as a office accountant. Usually, they didn't have time for her anymore, coming in late at night after work, leaving her to her own business of minor homeworks, and such. It became a daily routine, quickly of her walking a 10 minute-distance home from school, doing homework, staying up to play or read, then go to bed. Growing up like this, she was eventually given more privileges, such as going out with friends, staying up later, going to the local corner shop, and so forth, as she became more and more independent. She was a average student, although was exceptionally talented at Mathematics, helping her progress through her foundation years. Eventually, it came as too much hassle for both parents to leave their own child anymore, they barely saw each other any longer, and it was too pricey. After seeing a local advertisement in the sunday paper of Whisper Hallow Academy, Yuma showed it to her parents, explaining that her current school didn't quite match the standards of this other school, which happened to be less expensive, with meals, activites, and extra fees. After a long discussion, the parents allowed their daughter to proceed to the boarding school, as long as she returned for the holiday seasons. And here we are today...
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PostSubject: Re: Yuma Knox   Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:03 am

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Yuma Knox
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