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 Sarah Chyp

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Sarah Chyp

Sarah Chyp

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PostSubject: Sarah Chyp   Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:13 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Sarah Maree Chyp
Age/Grade: 15, 9 grade.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 48 kg
Appearance: Sarah is a timid looking young woman whom can be defined as such:
She is of regular size and weight, her natural hair colour is blond but she has put red streaks through it.
She is some what reluctant to wear the school uniform and she tries too slip by just wearing jeans and a white cotton shirt, tho she does not want too seem out of place she sometimes likes too walk around bare-foot.
Sarah has cerulean blue eyes and a ridiculously wide smile, she has a preference too wear clothes bigger then her actual size because she will grow into them rather then buying new clothes as she grows... this often results in her pants falling down when she runs or jumps which is why she limits herself too non-physical tasks... also she doesn't like belts.


Sexuality: Sarah is straight but she is rather curious O_o
She is rather timid when it comes too the opposite sex and tends too sit away from large crowds as she would rather read a book or something then embarass herself.
This being said she isn't very experienced with boys too say the least, she is too shy too speak out about anything which has resulted in her not having a first kiss.

Preferences: Sarah is attracted too boys whom are humorous and caring, boys who are free with their emotions, like writing and are artistical or musical.
Tho she would be prepared too conduct an experiment with a girl if she knew her for a long time.
She is turned on by candy and reading illicit material.
Likes: Sarah enjoys reading stories and poetry and she is incredibly fond of sugary sweets such as lollipops, chocolate and tea with lots and lots of sugar in it.
She also likes just hanging around with her friends, playing the piano and singing songs with said friends.
Dislikes:Sarah dislikes cussing, unconsentual touching in any form be it a hug or otherwise, sour things, being alone and extremely loud people.

Back story:
History: Sarah's life was like that of a typical girl with a few added twists and turns, her parents split up when she was five which spurred both of them to try and win her over.
Her father gave her sweets and her mother taught her the piano, tho she didn't always enjoy practising the piano she learnt too love it once she could play a tune on demand.
Sarah's first visit too the dentist was a terrifying one, most of her teeth were eroding from all the lollies she was eating, tho they were her baby teeth the dentist expressed his concerns for her unhealthy appitite for sweet things which too this day she ignores.
Her primary school life was rather swift, she accelled in her musical classes and writing orientated subjects and once she arrived at highschool this year she was somewhat scared too step out of the car, seeing all of these people made her nervous and that concludes her backstory up too her enrollment in Whisper Hallow Academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarah Chyp   Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:45 am

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Sarah Chyp
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