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 Fight With a Lion

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PostSubject: Fight With a Lion   Thu May 06, 2010 11:08 am

'Matt' strolled through the hallway, focusing on nothing but his path to his locker. The lack of classes, use of dorms, and just the simplicity of their items made lockers have very little use in this school. 'Matt', however, was able to find at least something to do for his own.

It's hard to believe, but he was rich. He wasn't born rich, but his dad's business had excelled once they moved into America. Was 'Matt' going to take over his late father's company? Who knows. One reason he went to this school to avoid being harassed by his dad's workers.

Since he was taught to spend as little money as possible all his life, he had cheap stuff. It was true he just splurged some of his money to fix up his dorm, but besides that he was pretty normal with money-spending.

One thing he usually bought was books. Lots and lots of books. Where to store them, though? Buying a large bookshelf would be a hassle... So he stored them in his locker! Perfect, huh! (Such a cheapass.)

He got to his locker and unlocked it, wedging out The Hunger Games from a crammed selection of books. He quietly deposited it into his backpack, closed his locker, and turned around.

Uh oh.

He knew this was going to happen one day. It happened in every single school he went to, Japanese or American, and only once did he have a friend to back him up. Now he was alone, him backed up against a locker face to face with a lion.

"So are you 'Matt Blood'?" the lion snarled with a smirk. "Weird name. Let's see if you're full of blood like your name says."

Think fast, think fast, think fast. "Everyone's full of blood, dumbass."

Wham. A blow was sent straight to his jaw; he paused, tasting the metallic tang of blood in his mouth, then glared at the bully in front of him. Well didn't he just do it?

"You're as weird as they say. According to some.. News, you're gay, right? Always holding hands with some guy in elementary school.."

'Matt' stared at him.

"What're you looking at, dumbass?"

The other guy sent another punch at him; 'Matt' quickly ducked down, thrusting his head forward when he heard the bully's knuckles clash against his locker. The guy lost his balance and 'Matt', quickly getting up, kick his leg upward, right into the guy's groin.

'Matt' stared coldly at the guy writhing in pain. He worked up a gob of blood, and spat at him, ignoring the stares directed at him. So much for first impressions.

He gently touched his cheek, testing the damage, then decided to go to the nurse's office.

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Fight With a Lion
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