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Makai Kasai

Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: New day   New day I_icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 7:29 pm

The load roar of an engine was heard. Skidding around the block was a blue Ferrari F430. The car was moving quickly down the road as it headed to Whispers Hallow Academy. Its engine running like adream. THe car turned a corner and drifted right into the parking lot. it spun right into one of the free parkings. The door swung open as a 7'5 foot male slowly stepped out of the car. He was dressed in black silk trousers, a white long sleeved jacket and a white black sleeveless cloak. He swung a brief case of his shoulder as he looked his car.

His long spiked blach hair fluttered as he put it up in a poonytail. His dark bluue eyes looked about. His eyes narrowed as he detected the smell of smoke. he tsked and headed off to his classron.
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New day
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