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 Cissinei Marie Renaldo [Student]

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Cissinei Renaldo


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PostSubject: Cissinei Marie Renaldo [Student]   Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:35 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Cissinei Marie Renaldo
Age: 15
Grade: (10) Sophomore
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 169 lbs
Appearance: Cissinei is a fair sized girl who has a slight tan to her. Her hair is an orange color and her eyes match perfectly in hue. During the off school hours she is often seen in an assortment of styles which change on a daily basis. One day she could be in a dress the next she could be in baggy shorts and a t-shirt. During school she is in a clean regulation school uniform with a bag at her side, a book in her arm and one gold necklace with a purple charm on it which was given to her by her grandmother on her 14th bithday.


Sexuality: Bi-sexual, sometimes playful but usually on the shy side with strangers. Can be outgoing with people she knows. It doesnt help at all as well due to Cissinei being real sensitive with her sexuality and she is still a virgin with the bare minimum of experience.
Preferences: Being taken instead of taking people, people running fingers down her spine. Slight whimpers or moans.
- Kendo/Karate
- Music
- Guitar/Piano/Flute/Clarinet/Drums
- Tennis
- Soccer
- Poetry
- Drama/Art/History
- Computer Classes/Tech
- Drawing
- Writing
- Reading Manga
- Watching Anime
- Cosplaying
- Extreme Sports
- Video Games
- Anything that is too girly
- People who are full of themselves
- Copper [Allergic]
- Arrogant and Selfish people
- Death and Loss
- Fighting
- Work

Back story:
History: Cissinei was born to a middle class family in Japan. She was born to Allison and Vincent Renaldo and had five other siblings. Older twin sisters, Riona and Nami. An older brother, Rem. A younger sister, Hanamaru and a younger brother, Issaru. Growing up she was always inspired constantly by her older siblings like any young kid was. She wanted to achieve their skill, their level of knowledge. This of course lead to the path which made Cissinei a study geek by the time she was in 6th grade. As her sisters and brother headed off into a so called "common folks" high school Hana planned for a bigger future. She had told her parents time and time again that she wished she could be in Whisper Hallow Academy, be the super whiz kid of her family. As years passed and Cissinei finally hit grade 8 she was finally given a opperunity. One chance to hopefully fullfilling her wish.

Cissinei graduated grade 8 with high marks, almost top of her class but not completely. During that summer the school called her family presenting them with the chance to send their daughter to Whisper Hallow Academy. If she could pass the entrance exam that she was to be given then they would accept her as a tranfer in the new school year. When Cissinei was given the news, she of course was over-joyed. For next week she studied her head off trying to make sure there would be no reason she would flunk. All the while her family was saving and raising up money any way they could so she could be prepared and ready with the necessities she would need if she got in. Two weeks later she took her exam, a month after that just when summer was a week away from ending they recieved a letter of acception and the tranfer papers. Cissinei had made it in. On that night they celebrated, her family presented her with a brand new uniform and a bag full of new supplies. Everything was set.

Now though, one successful year has passed. Hana has grown used to her day to day schedule at Whisper Hallow and still manages to maintain her high grade average. As well as studying, she spends most of her extra time either in one of the many libraries reading poetry or at art club, sketching in a black covered sketch book while discussing amoung the other members.

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PostSubject: Re: Cissinei Marie Renaldo [Student]   Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:18 pm

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Cissinei Marie Renaldo [Student]
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