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 Student Application: Selenity Rose Belmont

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Selenity Belmont

Selenity Belmont

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PostSubject: Student Application: Selenity Rose Belmont   Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:53 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Selenity Rose Belmont
Age/Grade: 17/Junior
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130 lbs

Selenity Belmont is one of the girls you look over and then you have to turn around and take a second look. She's beautiful, standing only at 5'3 what she lacks in height she seems to make up for in wow factor. She has legs that look like they go on endlessly. They allure to an illusion that she's taller than she actually is. She has startling violet eyes that are contrasted by her wavy white blonde hair that falls nearly to her knees. Her skin is a pale ivory with a hint of pale pink soft &smooth in complexion. She has a vulnerable look to her at times yet all the same has an aura that is warm and inviting. She is a large breasted woman as well. She will sometimes lean against a tree or a wall if she is able to alleviate some of the stress put on her back. She often has backaches but will suffer them in silence. She does not like to worry others.


Sexuality: Selenity is a virgin. She means to save herself for marriage and is very upfront about that. Because of this she has been kissed and has experience in making out. Most guys seem to drop her when they realize she is sticking to her convictions.

Preferences: Selenity's biggest turn on is when a guy comes up from behind and fondles her breasts while kissing down her neck. That makes her weak in the knees.

Selenity loves pumpkin pie. It's almost a weakness for her. She also loves romance novels and is very much a romantic at heart. She loves to sing and has a pleasant voice, just not star quality. She also secretly wishes she was good at the martial arts and has a soft spot in her heart for them.

She hates bullies with a passion. And has a dislike for mustard. Rude/arrogant people cause her to anger quickly. She for some reason has a strong distaste for sunflowers especially sunflower seeds. People that chew with their mouth open really annoy her as well. Those that disrespect the elderly also have little love from her as well.

Selenity is one of those people that truly looks for good in all. She generally always looks for that silver lining. Though she does have a stubborn streak. Once she makes up her mind to do something she does it. She is quite understanding.

Selenity has a motherly soul to her yet a stubborness that drives her. She'll wait as long as she has to if it means succeeding in her dreams or goals. She has patience. Though sometimes that stubborness makes her a little single-minded.

What are her strengths?
*Quick Witted

*Albino-thus the violet eyes
*Physically weak almost to an extreme measure, it takes her a little longer to complete distances than others.
*Fairly easily doped by those that would take advantage of her kind nature.
*Lifesaver, if someone is in need of help she has to help them.
*Sound sleeper, so sound that she is not roused easily.

Back story:
Selenity Belmont grew up as an only child. Her early years were very happy. Her Father is a politician and holds a noble title. They are like the 500th in line for the English throne so the title is really more a social standing than anything. Her mother runs a successful business as a horse breeder and owns a spa. Her family was a happy family and she always looked forward to when her father was coming back from one of his trips. She always listened with rapt attention about the adventures he'd had, the places he'd seen, and the type of people he met.

Selenity is an accomplished rider, dancer, and can sing pleasantly enough. She is the poster child of a well to do noble family. Even if the title doesn't mean much. Her family's fortune was spent long before it ever reached her father's father but her father and her mother have made their own. Her Grandfather is also present in her parents house. He is also a man of great wealth that he created for himself as well. He lives with her family as they don't see the point of him living alone now that her Grandmama has passed on in his own estate.

Selenity is also very much a refined girly girl. She believes in true love and loves to be a girl. Much of her favorite pasttimes revolve around dancing, embroidery, make up, and dress up. Her Grandmother had left her a string of pearls which can be found always around her neck. She is also a very sentimental young lady.

Selenity is a romantic at heart but her last relationship was a bit of a scandal that while contained she has a thirst to make it up to her family. She had gotten involved with an instructor from her last boarding school, her French teacher to be exact. The Headmistress had caught the pair in his office in a lip lock the instructor was released and her Father came and unenrolled his daughter from the school. The Headmistress told the student body that her family wished Selenity to be closer to home. In truth the Headmistress didn't want Selenity 'infecting' the girls with her misbehavior.

ooc- I added a personality section. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Student Application: Selenity Rose Belmont   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:07 am

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Student Application: Selenity Rose Belmont
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