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 Selenity R. Belmont's Skills

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Selenity Belmont


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PostSubject: Selenity R. Belmont's Skills   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:03 pm

Name:Classical Dance- Waltz, tango, ballroom

Ability: Selenity is extremely graceful. This helps her greatly with her dancing skill. She has a poise that just makes her a joy to watch. Her balance is near impeccable. Girly girls are often awed by her ability to dance and athletic girls respect, some grudgingly, her talent. Her father is very proud of her ability and in certain situations it reflects well on her social standing as well as her fathers. Others care little about it but will admit, even if it is secretly to themself, that it she is soothing and she awakens a wistful longing at times.

History: Selenity has been practicing and working at her dancing since she was a little girl. Her father began her instruction in it and she has continued to study it throughout her life. She has used various means to improve her ability in it. She has studied ballet for her poise. Her balance she has practiced walking with books and other things on her head. She has even combined ballet and balancing books.



Ability: Selenity has a very pleasant voice. She can name any note played and can usually hit it. Her voice holds emotion when she sings, as if she places herself in the message of the song and can truly sing it. She isn't angelic by sound but she is pleasant enough and tries very hard.

History: Selenity has been practicing since she was a little girl. It has taken alot of hard work and countless hours of private tutoring for her to get where she is at and she continues to practice it. She dreams of finding that missing element and becoming the angelic singer she wants to be. Just like the woman that inspired her to sing.


Name: Book Smart

Ability: Selenity has a knack when it comes to doing her assignments and taking tests. She has worked to get this ability learning countless methods and study skills to aid her in doing well. While time consuming it earns her A's in her classes. She may not be the natural that most braniacs seem to be but she is satisfied with the honor it brings her family. She will often join study sessions and seems glad to share her methods.

History: Selenity has had private tutors throughout her life. She has learned most of these methods from them and a few from her mother and father. She takes great pride in doing her best and does not mind the time involved in ensuring that she does well and brings honor to her family.
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PostSubject: Re: Selenity R. Belmont's Skills   Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:16 am

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Selenity R. Belmont's Skills
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