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 Max Hogan-Black

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PostSubject: Max Hogan-Black   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:35 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Max Hogan-Black
Age/Grade: 17/Junior
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 150 lbs
Appearance: Max’s hair is the purest color of red. He parts it above his right eye and keeps it out of his face by combing it off to the sides. This makes it perfectly round his face. His hair is longest in the back, which still is only a little bit longer than his ears. He has sapphire blue eyes that seem to always have a sad look about them. Max has naturally tanned skin. His body is toned but he does not have very defined muscles. He keeps healthy because he enjoys outdoor and adventurous activities, and he has always eaten very well.

Outside of school, Max doesn’t dress very different. He normally wears button-up shirts (short and long sleeved), nice pants, and sneakers. Recently he has become more comfortable in wearing nicer t-shirts, shorts, and sandals.


Sexuality: Max is straight. His parents were constantly trying to set him up with girls, but he never complied. He went on a few dates with girls of his own choice, but never so much as actually kissed a girl.

Preferences: Max wants a real down-to-earth girl. Someone who is not obsessed with everything being money. Wanting something that is expensive is one thing, as long as you really truly want it. Someone who is very passionate about things that they love, and is not afraid to show it. They need to be able to enjoy the little things in life, just as he does. They also have to have good morals. The characteristics of trust, loyalty, caring, respect, etc are a must have for a relationship with him. Girls who take care of their body, but do not flaunt it to the whole world, are also a necessity. Normally, Max has been attracted to girls with a very natural look about them.

Likes: The little things in life. (Almost) All things nature. Watching movies. Symbolic items. Reading. Fantasy/Fairytales/etc (Related things). History. Legends/Myths. Occasional writing. Listening to music. Spoiling people that he cares about. Being with people that he cares about.

Dislikes: People with no respect for others or themselves. His parents trying to force him into a relationship and eventually, marriage. Seeing someone hurt or upset. People who use others. Liars, cheaters, stupid people, etc. People who are only after one thing and those who believe they can get anyone they want. His obscenely long name.

Back story:

History: Max Hogan-Black was born September 22, 1992 in Berlin, Germany. His last name, Hogan-Black, is the combination of both of his parent’s last names. His full official birth name is rather long and obnoxious, including the first and last name of both his grandparents. He will rarely ever introduce himself with his full name and the only reason people outside importance (in his father’s eyes) know it is because of his family’s famousness.

Max’s mom is a very famous clothes designer and his father owns his own chain of very successful restaurants. They are, of course, an extremely wealthy family. His parents never had much time for him when he was younger, and just bought him anything he could ever want. He was raised by nannies, servants, and tutors, until he was old enough for high school. It was at this time, when Max decided for himself that he wanted to go out of the house for school, after many arguments, his parents settled for private school. Even though he had private tutors most of his life, Max was an average student in everything except History.

Having his parent’s act like they were royalty, Max was brought up as if he was. He was taught many different languages, horseback riding, proper speech, etc. He also had to attend many formal balls, or meetings, and act appropriately. As soon as he hit the age of sixteen, his parents began introducing him to many girls, and trying to set them up. They told him that soon he would be to the age where he would need to be married. School became the one place where Max could get away from it all. He made friends, and even started having feelings for a few girls, but it turned out they were all just using him for his money and fame. Crushed, he retreated into himself, and thought a lot about where his life had gone, where he had gone, and where they both were going.

Max finally became overwhelmed with the life that his parents wanted him to live, so he decided to leave, and make his own life. Still having two years of High School left, he decided to go to a boarding school; his search for one landed him here at Whisper Hallow Academy. Maybe someone here can show him the true meaning of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Max Hogan-Black   Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Max Hogan-Black   Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:13 pm

Thank you very much.
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Max Hogan-Black
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