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 Lena Brown

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Lena Brown


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PostSubject: Lena Brown   Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:49 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Lena Brown
Age/Grade: Age 14— 10th Grade [Sophomore]
Gender: Female

Height: 5’6
Weight: 101lb

Appearance: She has:
- Medium length naturally blonde hair, with a large fringe. She tends to have it style down, however it is messy at times.
- Bright blue eyes.
- Pale porcelain-like skin.
- Size 6 (UK) feet.
- Fairly average-length legs and arms.
- Quite large hands.
- A slim figure, regarding her weight.
- An oval-shaped face.
- Average sized ears.


Sexuality: Straight— so far, no personal experience with the opposite or same gender apart from just ‘being friends.’ She tends not to be too open about her sexuality, and so, never really acts sexually.

Preferences: Anyone with a good personality i.e. doesn’t lie, is loyal, funny...and being good-looking is simply the icing on the cake...

Likes: Family, friends & special occasions.

Dislikes: Cheaters, boasters & liars especially.

Back story:

History: Up until now, Lena’s had a fairly typical life. A typical family, typical friends, typical aspirations, typical background, typical old education. Living as an only child with her parents in a bungalow, life was much better than other local children’s lives were. Many of her friends’ parents were either divorced, constantly raging at each other or never having enough time for their own kids, as a result of work issues. As for Lena’s parents? They both worked as teachers at local primary schools, different primary schools, and most definitely not in the same school as Lena- to avoid confrontation.

They’d finish 3 o’ clock, same time as her... usually, her father would stay at school an extra hour to catch up on meetings, and extracurricular activities, whilst her mother would head straight towards Lena’s school and pick her up to take her home. The same daily routine, basically, until Lena grew older, whereupon she was given more freedom to walk home for convenience purposes.

Growing up, Lena never really was one of ‘the popular crowds’ or was even considered ‘cool,’ yet despite this, she always had a small friendship group of loyal friends whom she could always trust. She was pretty much normal...education-wise she achieved average grades in most subjects, yet excelled in ICT, Music and English.

As she grew older, her father became higher in the education-sector of work, and was offered a place as deputy-head at another school. Thrilled at the opportunity, both parents began arrangements for how this would work out, considering the fact that the school was actually a good 5-hour drive away from their current state of residence. Eventually, her family came to the conclusion that it would probably be best if they all moved, supporting her father’s chance to progress. Not long after the ‘promotion’ her mother began searching for more local schools to the new district, finally finding a school which enclosed staff spaces. However, despite all of this, there was a minor catch...none of the schools within that area wished to accept Lena to their schools, with not enough spaces to give out at such late notice. The only school which could accept her was Middlesbrough academy... the school her father planned to work at.

In a fit of disapproval, Lena refused to go to the same school as him...she’d heard that many stories of parents as teachers, where if the child goes to the same school, they’d get bullied. Disillusioned by this belief, the only other school available happened to be a 2-hour drive away from their new home. Coincidentally, it happened to be a boarding-school. After tiring days of persuasion, her parents eventually decided to let her go, on the condition that she would return home for most holidays, and even weekends, sometimes.

But what was the academy called? Whisper Hallow, naturally... and so forth, this is where her 'adventure' begins...
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PostSubject: Re: Lena Brown   Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:03 pm

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Lena Brown
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